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Stay ahead of visual creative trends with our latest reporting. Backed by data, these stories contain actionable insights that will elevate your campaigns and content, driving meaningful impact with today's consumers. Check back often as our ongoing research uncovers how sentiment and customer expectations shift over time—evolving the imagery that connects with your audience.

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The Future is...Purple? › Tech visuals are using more expressive color palettes to encourage creativity.
Detailing Daily Life in Video › Social media users are fascinated by simple daily routines, but brands aren't choosing this type of video.
Food as Culture › Don't miss the opportunity to broaden your visual choices of food and cultural dining experiences.
Connectivity vs Connection › In a world that is more digitally connected than ever, is there a crisis of human connection?
Beyond the Airport: Capturing the True Essence of Modern Business Travel › Discover dynamic finance visuals through our partnership with DRS Produções and Renata Angerami, highlighting diversity in corporate hotel settings.
Shop Local: Sustaining Small Business › Highlighting small, local businesses are likely to resonate with today’s value-driven consumers.
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Eco-tourism in Latin America › Jul 15, 2024 Latin America is frequently publicized as a global hotspot for eco‑tourism, but travel companies often forget to speak directly to the Latin American consumer.
Sustainable Living: Small Steps, Big Impact › Jul 15, 2024 Rethink how visual storytelling supports expectations around sustainability initiatives
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