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As a leader in visual communications, Getty Images is committed to authenticity and exploring new ways to represent diversity alongside our brand partners.

Using expertise and data collected from VisualGPS, we produce royalty‑free visuals with authentic depictions of gender, sexual orientation, mental health, BIPOC, and more.

Project #ShowUs
In partnership with Dove and Girlgaze, Getty Images launched Project #ShowUs, a ground‑breaking library of 14,000+ photographs devoted to shattering beauty stereotypes by showing female‑identifying and non‑binary individuals as they are, not as others believe they should be. Created by a global community of 200 photographers from 41 countries, the collection allows media and advertisers to reflect the authentic experiences of women around the world.
LGBTQ+ Inclusive Visual Storytelling
In partnership with GLAAD, Getty Images developed an LGBTQ+ Visual Storytelling Guidebook to inspire the media and advertising industries to be more inclusive and thoughtful in their visual selections of the LGBTQ+ community. The Guidebook includes insights on why intersectionality in LGBTQ+ storytelling matters, the important role of gender identity, and questions to help guide you to be more inclusive in your visual choices.
BBC Kids Collection
Furthering our commitment to break visual stereotypes and broaden representation, we have partnered with the BBC to create a library of authentic imagery and video of children. Both Getty Images and the BBC are committed to increasing the representation of children and families who are currently underrepresented in the media. Launching with over 2,000 images and videos, the BBC Kids Collection captures everyday moments of a diverse range of children from across the UK. 
The Nosotros Collection
Shatter stereotypes surrounding the Latinx/Hispanic community with The Nosotros Collection. This collection presents a multifaceted portrayal of diversity through vibrant imagery and compelling video content. License from this rich collection and create a visual narrative that is rooted in the voice of the community.
The Disrupt Aging® Collection
Together with AARP, the Disrupt Aging® Collection challenges the stigma around aging. This collection replaces the antiquated idea of isolation with real visual depictions of older adults celebrating everything life has to offer, surrounded by loved ones across generations.
The Disability Collection
In collaboration with Verizon Media and the National Disability Leadership Alliance, The Disability Collection is a shift towards inclusive, real‑life portrayals of people with disabilities navigating daily life.

Historically Black Colleges and Universities Collection

The Historically Black Colleges & Universities (HBCUs) Collection provides access to contemporary and historic imagery through our Grants Program and partnership with HBCUs. HBCUs retain full copyright ownership, and 100 % of the revenue from licenses impacts the HBCU Community—50% to the HBCUs, 30% toward scholarships, and 20% reinvestment into the Grant. Tell your story with exclusive content for commercial licensing. 

The Black History & Culture Collection

Immerse your projects in the rich tapestry of the Black History & Culture Collection.  An initiative created to provide access to historical and cultural images of the African/Black Diaspora in the US and UK from the 19th century to present day. The collection highlights rarely seen images enabling you to tell untold stories around Black culture authentically with exclusive visuals available for commercial licensing.

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