Our Stands Against
Racism & Injustice

At Getty Images, we stand against racism, intolerance, and hatred. We reject and condemn any form of racial injustice, mistreatment, discrimination, or the exclusion of any marginalized communities from society.

We believe in a Getty Images whose employees, contributors, and imagery reflects the diversity of our customers and markets around the globe. We aim to foster a culture that supports individuals to come to work as themselves, be treated with respect and be given equal opportunities, and will ensure their perspectives and experiences are included in our decision making.

We are committed to supporting our employees, where all experiences and backgrounds are respected and where everyone comes together to produce amazing imagery, support our customers and impact the world. We are committed to eradicating and dismantling inequities and barriers that prevent individuals from being seen, heard, valued and respected for their full authentic selves.

We are committed to a work environment that is a safe and inclusive space for all individuals. We are committed to increasing our diversity of our staff, our leadership and our content creators. We are committed to open dialogue and provide resources and training in support of our collective learning journey. We are committed to providing authentic and positive depiction across all marginalized communities.

Freedom of the press is fundamental to eradication of racism from all aspects of society. We stand against restrictions, intimidation, and persecution to limit free speech, the right to protest and the right of the media to cover events safely, freely and impartially.

We understand it will take a lot of work and dedicated effort over time, but we are fully invested and unwaveringly committed.

We stand against hate in all forms and against all communities.