Rights & Clearance Case Study: EECA Gen Less

Service Provided: Clearance for Rosa Parks and a photograph of a couple, plus an Image Guarantee® for photos of suffragettes and a crowd at the Berlin Wall

The EECA is a government agency whose mission is to mobilize New Zealanders to be world leaders in clean and clever energy use. For their new campaign "Be On The Right Side Of History" they wanted to illustrate how people can get more out of life, by living with less energy and emissions that harm our climate.

Their agency, BBDO Clemenger contacted the Rights & Clearance team to clear individuals who had their own defining moments in history. The team cleared Rosa Parks and the first female couple to legally marry in NZ. An Image Guarantee® was also offered to cover the lack of releases for images of the suffragettes and the Berlin Wall. Watch the spot below and decide how you too can make bold choices and be "On The Right Side Of History".