Technology’s impact on creativity and authenticity

As we reflect on the year, technology, particularly AI and AI image generation, has played a pivotal role in reshaping the creative landscape in 2023. While trends evolve rapidly, one theme was constant—authenticity and human creativity remain irreplaceable to visual storytelling.

Through our ongoing VisualGPS research and proprietary data, Getty Images and iStock are committed to empowering our content creators by providing them with the valuable insights to produce creative imagery and video pivotal to bringing global narratives to life, as well as providing our customers with the tools and data‑backed insights they need to ideate and execute from start to finish seamlessly.

Experienced female football player practices her skills while running through the downtown streets of Santiago, Chile. (Lighthouse Films)

A mother looks overjoyed at her newborn son. (skaman306)

Group of Gen Z people using smartphones surrounded by emojis which eventually fill the screen. (We Are)

Night time in a burnt woodland where small ferns have begun to grow after a wildfire. (shaunl)

A young woman walks across the mirrorlike surface of Salar de Uyuni as the sun disappears behind the clouds. (Islay Petire)