Resources for Visual Storytelling

The global pandemic has changed the ways in which we interact, communicate, and see the world around us—finding the right message and striking the right tone has become even more of a challenge. Getty Images has everything you need to tell today's visually compelling stories.
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Reflect the "new normal" visually with our Coronavirus‑related image and video collections, curated by our award‑winning creative team
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Get image‑selection advice or go behind the scenes with our visual experts in one of our upcoming or recorded webinars
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See how our photojournalists are covering the front lines, showing perspectives you won’t find anywhere else
Draw on Illustrations During this Unprecedented Moment
Read about how illustrating the virus itself has called creativity and innovation into action
Share your Brand Perspective with Exclusive Stock Imagery
With global travel difficult and photo shoots on hold, see how our global contributors can create unique content to help your brand stand out
Get the Latest Insights on The New Visual Language
Learn how the pandemic has evolved the visual language and shifted the way we talk about issues, including the environment

Communicating during a crisis

Whether it’s the latest editorial coverage, archival images of pandemics of the past, or wondering what kind of creative imagery is right for a post‑COVID‑19 world, we’re always creating new images, videos, illustrations, and offering new insights, so when the conversation evolves, you’ll be right in the middle of it. 
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Insights, Inspiration, and Workarounds for Working at Home

Remote work presents a number of challenges—from collaborating with your team to finding fresh inspiration into what connects with consumers. Our experts share their insights and we make it easier to incorporate the world's best imagery into your work.
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