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TDY SPLIT CLEAN 08:00 Hour NY-TDY-20100715-0001 SPLIT TRACK Today Show

NBC ID: ARZE4VQSCS | Production Unit: Today Show | Media Type: Aired Show


Event Location(s): United States | Description: 08:02:16 BP, Worried Over Whether A Containment Cap Can Handle The Increased Pressure, Is Laying Ground Work For The Cap's Test Over Its Gulf Of Mexico Oil Well UNDERWATER GULF OF MEXICO MS: High resolution footage of crude oil gushing out of a broken Deepwater Horizon oil rig wellhead 5000 feet below the surface. MS: Crude oil gushes out of a machine. MS: Robotic machine near the broken wellhead. Ann Curry VO 08:02:25 Surgeon General Dr. Regina Benjamin Launches A Study Of The Gulf Of Mexico Oil Spill's Impact On The Physical And Mental Health Of The People In Alabama INT BAYOU LA BATRE, ALABAMA 2 MS: Surgeon General Dr. Regina Benjamin holds a small microphone while speaking near woman. MS: Benjamin speaks from podium as others in the room listen. MS: Woman hugs Benjamin near others. Ann Curry VO 08:02:51 President Barack Obama Heads To Michigan Today, A State Where The Unemployment Rate Now Tops13% President Barack Obama is heading to Michigan today to tout money from his economic stimulus plan being used to jump-start a car battery company in Holland, Michigan. Obama will attend the company's groundbreaking ceremony. NBC's Chuck Todd reports live on-camera from Grand Rapids, Michigan. EJ: 08:02:58 (:22) INT MS: President Barack Obama walks on stage and shakes hands with Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid as others on stage give a standing ovation. MS: Panning shot of audience on stage near an American flag backdrop to Obama delivering a speech. MS: Various shots of Obama delivering his speech. EXT DAY MS: Obama walks with others including man wearing hardhat at another groundbreaking ceremony. MS: Obama shakes hands with workers wearing vests and hardhats. 08:03:44 A Girl Abducted From Her California Foster Parents Almost 7 Years Ago By Her Aunts Is Found In Phoenix, Arizona Hidden Under A Pile Of Clothing STILL: Toddler girl (before her abduction seven years ago). EXT NIGHT PHOENIX, ARIZONA MS: Panning shot of home's exterior. Ann Curry VO 08:03:54 A Huge Brush Fire On The Grounds Of The Idaho National Conservatory, A Huge Nuclear Research Facility, Is Now 60% Contained EXT DAY IDAHO (SUPERED AS NEAR IDAHO FALLS, IDAHO MS: Smoke and flames in the sky. WS: Smoke clouds in the sky. MS: Cars drive down road near field. WS: Smoke and flames in the sky over a field. MS: Pickup truck drives down road near field with smoke and flames seen in the distance. Ann Curry VO 08:04:08 Three Firefighters Are Injured After Fire And Explosions Destroy A Block Of Industrial Buildings In Los Angeles EXT NIGHT LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA MS: Firefighters walk near buildings engulfed in heavy flames. MS: Shaky camera footage of small pieces of metal being blown in the air over the buildings after an explosion is heard in VO. MS: Buildings on fire. Ann Curry VO 08:04:27 Workers At Ground Zero Uncover A Ship From The 1700's EXT DAY NEW YORK CITY, NEW YORK MS: Aerial of Ground Zero. MS: Aerial of an 18th century ship unearthed at Ground Zero. Ann Curry VO 08:10:54 Today's Family: New York Magazine's Jennifer Senior And Psychiatrist Gail Saltz Discuss Parenting And Happiness EJ: 08:10:54 (2:10) INT MS: Newborn baby sleeps. 2 MS: Hands (faces unseen) change the diaper of a crying baby. MS: Baby smiles. EXT DAY AT A PARK 3 MS: Children smile in CU to the camera as another child watches from a slide. INT CU: Baby. 2 MS: Panning shot of mother reading to a baby. 2 MS: Mother (back to camera) feeds baby with a baby spoon. CLIPS: Letterbox clips from the movie "Parenthood" with actors including Steve Martin and Rick Moranis and from the movie "Cheaper By The Dozen" with actors including Martin and Tom Welling. INT CU: Sleeping newborn baby sucks on a pacifier. INT IN A HOSPITAL MS: Nurses tend to newborns in a hospital's maternity ward. MS: Newborns in hospital cribs in the maternity ward. EXT DAY MS: Crowd of people walk down sidewalk as shot becomes blurry background. GFX SUPERS: "Napping, Preparing food, Housework" INT IN A HOSPITAL 2 MS: Nurse hands a newborn to its mother in a hospital bed. EXT DAY CU & MS: CU of children (faces unseen) holding hands as shot pans other children in a circle holding hands as shot becomes blurry background. GFX SUPERS: "The effect of children on the life satisfaction of married individuals is small, often negative, and never statistically significant." INT MS: Woman types on a computer. CU: The woman's hands (faces unseen) typing. MS: Computer screen showing the website and GFX super (also heard in VO from a post left at the website) "I swear I feel like I'm surrounded by women who were once smart & interesting but have become zombies who only talk about soccer and coupons." MS: Computer screen showing website and GFX super (also heard in VO from a post left at the website) "I'm sad to admit that being a stay at home mom doesn't complete me." INT MS: Mother and author Stefanie Wilder-Taylor plays with her unseen children in her home. MS: Wilder-Taylor's book "Sippy Cups Are Not For Chardonnay" seen. INT MS: Wilder-Taylor holds one daughter and dances with her two other daughters. MS: Daughter dances. 2 MS: Wilder-Taylor dances with a daughter. MS: In interview (part VO) Wilder-Taylor says "I think that the problem is how you go into parenting with these high expectations that it's supposed to be fun every minute of the day and it's such a rude awakening. Getting a kid dressed in the morning can sometimes be an extremely tedious experience. Unlike other jobs you don't ever really punch out." MS: Wilder-Taylor dresses one daughter near her other daughters. MS: Wilder-Taylor puts one child down on the floor near the other children. 2 MS: Wilder-Taylor puts food on one daughter's plate. EXT DAY AT THE BEACH MS: Crowd of sunbathers and GFX super "71%." 2 MS: Mother rubs suntan lotion on her son's stomach and GFX super "85%." INT MS: In interview Wilder-Taylor says "You can love your kids and dislike parenting at the same time." MS: Wilder-Taylor plays a board game with her daughters as they all sit on the floor. MS: In interview Wilder-Taylor says (part VO) "These little moments that are transcended. You know when my little 2-year old puts her hands around my neck and says 'I love you mommy' there's nothing like that feeling." 2 MS: Wilder-Taylor holds her 2-year old daughter and dances. "New York Magazine" cover headlined "I Love My Children. I Hate My Life" seen. "New York" Magazine's Contributing Editor who wrote the cover story, Jennifer Senior, and Psychiatrist Dr. Gail Saltz seen live in-studio as Senior laughs when correcting Vieira who introduced her as a single mother and says she's not married but does have a partner. Senior says she is a parent and there are two people raising her child, notes why she wrote the story, says this generation's belief in making every moment a teaching moment adds needless stress, says this generation has deferred child rearing and people are less happy in their relationships once the child comes along, and says parents do well when they think of happiness as not a moment to moment state but how rewarding they find things and if they give them a sense of purpose. Saltz says parenting has become a competitive sport, says ambivalence is part of parenting and loving and is normal, says if the ambivalence is accepted we'll be in better shape, and says happiness doesn't have one definition. 08:21:13 Today's Health: NBC's Chief Medical Editor Dr. Nancy Snyderman Discusses Male Menopause EJ (DR. NANCY SNYDERMAN): 08:21:13 (2:06) EXT DAY BRIEF CUTS: Various shots of women's torsos and legs (faces unseen) from women walking and sitting, and legs of women (faces unseen) seen. MS: Blurry shot of crowd of people walking down sidewalk. BRIEF CUTS: Man walking a dog, man riding a bicycle, shirtless men walking, man carrying a backpack, and man sitting on a park's grass seen. INT MS: In interview Weill Cornell Medical College's Clinical Professor of Urology Dr. Harry Fisch says "We call it the male biological clock. As women age and as men age, the same things happen. Fertility levels go down, hormone levels go down, and genetic consequences go up when you have children." EXT DAY BRIEF CUTS (BLACK AND WHITE FOOTAGE): Man (faces unseen-torso seen) throwing football, legs of men (faces unseen) jogging, man (faces unseen) riding a bicycle, and man (faces unseen) jogging. BRIEF CUTS (COLOR FOOTAGE): Legs (faces unseen) entering building, woman (faces unseen) sitting on bench and sending a text message, and torso and legs (faces unseen) of a man walking. MS: Rear shot of a man walking and GFX super "Andropause" seen. INT MS: Fisch talks to man (faces unseen) in his office. MS: Finger (faces unseen) points to a drawing of silhouetted men in different weight sizes (ranging from normal to obese). MS: Fisch in interview. MS: Computer screen showing a drawing of a man's torso with a large belly. EXT DAY BRIEF CUTS: Torsos (faces unseen) of obese men. INT MS: In interview (part VO) Fisch says "The bigger the belly the lower the testosterone levels. And the reason is that men make testosterone from the testicles but it's broken down in the fat cells in the body." MS: Researcher's gloved hand (faces unseen) operates a microscope. EXT DAY AND INT BRIEF CUTS: Torsos (faces unseen) of men (regular weight and overweight). GFX: Silhouetted man. GFX SUPERS: "Patient 1: Age: 26, Weight: 158" GFX: Silhouetted obese man. GFX SUPERS: "Patient 2: Age: 42, Weight: 228" INT MS: Fisch looks into a microscope. BRIEF CUTS: Man (faces unseen) pulls up shirt sleeve to give blood, box of vials used to hold blood, the man holding his arm in position to give blood near a medical practitioner (both faces unseen), and Fisch looking through a microscope. GFX: Silhouette of man and GFX supers "Patient 1, Age: 26, Weight: 158, Average testosterone" GFX: Silhouette of man and GFX supers "Patient 2, Age: 42, Weight: 228, Low testosterone" EXT DAY MS: Man in good shape at counter and walking down hallway (faces unseen). INT MS: In interview Fisch says (part VO) "Today we really compared somebody who is young, fit, doesn't have a big belly, exercises a lot, has a high sex drive. Compared to somebody in their 40s, who, in this particular situation, has a lower testosterone, a bigger belly, is tired, lower sex drive, and also has trouble having children." MS: Torso (faces unseen) of an overweight man standing in a hallway pans from the belly to the legs. EXT DAY 2 MS: Shirtless men stand in park. GFX: Superimposed alarm clocks. INT MS: In interview Fisch says (part VO) "After age 30 testosterone levels begin to decline about 1 percent per year. And that's a normal part of the aging process." EXT DAY BRIEF CUTS: Rear shot of people walking, man tossing a frisbee, and (faces unseen) walking a dog, men jogging, man carrying a backpack, man walking a bicycle, man pushing a stroller. GFX HEADER: "Male Biological Clock" GFX SUPERS: 'Men start to lose sperm at 1% a year by age 30, About 2% of men suffer from Andropause, About 40% of fertility problems lie with the man, The number of first time fathers over 35 has increased by 35% since 1970, Testosterone therapy has increased by 400% since 1999" GFX HEADER: "Symptoms Of 'Male Menopause'" GFX SUPERS: "Changes in sexual function, Insomnia/sleep disturbances, Increased body fat, Reduced muscle and bone density, Depression, Trouble with concentration" In live in-studio x-talk with Lauer, Snyder says male menopause exists, compares menopause to andropause, explains the "Symptoms of 'Male Menopause'" supers, says exercise is the best thing men can do for male menopause, says the biggest culprit is belly fat, notes health dangers associated with medications to deal with male menopause problems, and urges viewers to be "buyer beware" when purchasing the medications. 08:30:43 Singer Enrique Iglesias Will Perform In Concert Tomorrow CLIP: Letterbox music video clip with singer Enrique Iglesias. Matt Lauer VO 08:36:07 Do Toning Sneakers Really Work? CAN YOU TONE UP YOUR BODY BY SIMPLY CHANGING UP THE SNEAKERSYOU'RE WEARING? THAT'S WHAT A LOT OF SNEAKER COMPANIES ARE NOW PROMISING. BUT IS IT TRUE? EJ: 08:36:07 (PETER ALEXANDER FOR 2:37) EXT DAY BRIEF CUTS: Legs of people jogging. CLIPS: Clips from commercials for Skechers Sneakers and Reebok Sneakers. INT BRIEF CUTS: Sneakers worn by people (faces unseen). MS: In interview The NPD Group's Chief Industry Analyst Marshal Cohen says "It's a 325-million dollar business just this year alone!" EXT DAY MS: Multiple images on the screen of a person (faces unseen) walking wearing toning sneakers becomes full screen of one image. GFX SUPER: "$1 billion" BRIEF CUTS: People (faces unseen) wear toning running shoes and sandals. INT BRIEF CUTS: CU's and MS's of different toning sneakers. EXT DAY MS: Woman jogs. 2 MS: Legs and feet of people (faces unseen) walking wearing sneakers. MS: NBC's Peter Alexander walks in a park with woman who bought toning sneakers, Jenn White (ph) as in interview White says "If you can get a workout just doing errands, then why not? That's like the miracle shoe," Alexander says "The gist is they do the workout for you," and White replies "That's what they say!" 2 MS: Feet wearing toning sneakers walk as GFX "?" is superimposed. INT MS: In interview Mount Sinai School of Medicine's Chief of Podiatric Medicine Dr. Bryan Markinson says (part VO) "To really build up muscle mass you need you put it in degrees of tension that far exceed anything that's going to be produced by wearing these shoes." BRIEF CUTS: (All faces unseen) Person wearing a toning sneaker using a leg weight machine, and people wearing toning sneakers walking on treadmills. EXT DAY MS: Person wearing toning sneakers (faces unseen) walks up steps. INT MS: Person wearing toning sneakers (faces unseen) walks down hallway. MS: In interview (part VO) Exercise Physiologist Geralyn Coopersmith says "Everybody is looking for a magic bullet, unfortunately it's not. You're better off eating one less cookie in the course of the day than investing in a shoe like this and thinking it will give significant results." CLIP: Commercial clip for toning sneakers. EXT DAY MS: White walks in park with Alexander and says "It's worth a try." EXT DAY NEW YORK CITY, NEW YORK IN CENTRAL PARK BRIEF CUTS: Feet (faces unseen) of people wearing sneakers that are close to going barefoot. MS: Feet (faces unseen) barefoot and wearing the barefoot sneakers. MS: Choppy footage of joggers running wearing the barefoot sneakers. MS: Feet (faces unseen) wear the barefoot sneakers. MS: In interview (part VO) Barefoot Runners NYC's John Durant says "It's more fun, you're less likely to get injured, and you get great looks from passers by." MS: Feet (faces unseen) wearing the barefoot sneakers jog. BRIEF CUTS: Joggers wearing barefoot sneakers standing in group. STILL: Jogger. GFX: Book "Born To Run" superimposed. INT NEW YORK CITY IN CENTERAL PARK MS: In interview Barefoot Runner Melissa Buibee says (about what she'd tell runners with shoes) "You'd be able to remove that knee brace probably if you'd try something radical like barefoot running." MS: Rear shot of Buibee jogging. BRIEF CUTS: Woman walking her dog, and joggers (some barefoot and some wearing barefoot sneakers). MS: Alexander jogs with joggers while wearing barefoot sneakers. MS: Alexander's feet and legs (faces unseen) while wearing the barefoot sneakers. MS: Alexander after his jog. INT MS: Coopersmith says "If it gets people walking in a very sedentary very overweight population, then that's some upside there. If it gets people interested in going out an moving, that's good." EXT DAY NEW YORK CITY IN CENTRAL PARK MS: Various shots of joggers including Alexander jogging with Durant and others. MS: At sunset silhouetted jogger. VO: Alexander signs off from New York. Live in the plaza panning shot of Lauer, Veiria, Curry, Roker, and Morales wearing toning sneakers (Lauer and Vieira are wearing toning sneakers, Curry is wearing the running version, and Roker and Morales are wearing non-sneaker barefoot sneakers that look like they're not wearing sneakers). They all describe the sneakers they're wearing. 08:42:31 Ready Set Cook!: Today's Kitchen: Today's Crew Cook-Off: Chef Daniel Boulud Judges Food Cooked By "Today" Crewmembers Live in the plaza outside Studio 1A "Today" crewmembers overnight stagehand Dave Hertz, cameraman Bob Jaeger, and stagehand Antoine Ponsot are seen at table with their food for a cook-off contest. Chef Daniel Boulud, who will judge, is seen. In interview with Vieira Hertz notes ingredients in his striped bass recipe and prepares the dish. The fully cooked striped bash dish seen. Jaeger prepares a chicken and pasta dish with wine and in interview with Lauer Jaeger says he got the recipe idea from Martha Stewart, notes ingredients, and prepares the dish. Jaeger dumps tomatoes into his pan and splatters Vieira standing next to him. Lauer tastes Jaeger's homemade wine. In interview with Roker Ponsot prepares a Cassoulet. Ponsot notes ingredients and prepares his dish. Ponsot squeezes a lemon and Lauer pretends to have gotten squirted in his eye with the lemon juice. In interview with Curry Boulud critiques all three dishes and offers suggestions. Boulud says Jaeger's homemade wine is the best homemade wine he's tasted. Boululd says Ponsot's dish is the winner. Ponsot is congratulated by Hertz and Jaeger and Lauer. Boulud shows a plaque with a knife on it, and invites all three crewmembers into his restaurant's kitchen and says he'll cook a meal for all of them. Ponsot holds his plaque and is congratulated by Roker and Curry. 08:52:49 Today's Hot Summer Reads: Author Frank Deford Discusses His Book "Bliss, Remembered" EJ: 08:52:52 (:13) EXT DAY BERLIN, GERMANY 1936-08 (BLACK AND WHITE FOOTAGE) MS: Overhead shot of the crowd in Olympic Stadium. MS: Adolf Hitler makes his Nazi salute while standing near others in the stadium. MS: American athletes march onto the field with an American flag. MS: Runner runs on the field with the lit Olympic torch. MS: Track and field runner does a long jump. 2 MS: Hitler makes a Nazi salute as a man standing next to him applauds. MS: Overhead shot of the crowd in the stadium making the Nazi salute. Book "Bliss, Remembered" by author Frank DeFord seen. In live in-studio interview Deford jokes he's hoping to move into the territory (of being a "chick writer"), says it was fun "being a woman" while inhabiting the body of his female lead, notes how the Olympics fit into the love story, and describes the plot of the book. STILL: Black and white insert of US Olympic swimmer Eleanor Holm. Outdoor Segments 08:00:08 (:30) Shot pans from Studio 1A to the crowd. Panning shot of the crowd, some with signs, waving and cheering. Lauer, Vieira, and Roker report live on-camera near the crowd. 08:30:21 (:22) Panning shot of the crowd. 08:30:57 (:27) Lauer, Vieira, Roker, Curry, and Morales report live on-camera in the plaza all wearing sneakers (Lauer and Vieira are wearing toning sneakers, Curry is wearing the running version, and Roker and Morales are wearing non-sneaker barefoot sneakers that look like they're not wearing sneakers). 08:35:51 (:06) Panning shot of the crowd. Al Roker Segs 08:04:56 (:22) People wearing identical T-shirts cheer near Roker. Roker reads their sign "Matt For President Al For President." In unison they say they're from North Dakota, and in interview one man says they're on a Mission Trip to feed the homeless and visit food banks. 08:05:47 (:07) Women from Trinidad cheer. 08:06:26 (:08) Newlywed honeymooners Casey and Jamie (both ph) say their names. Commercials 08:06:54 Mercedes-Benz Summer Event 08:07:24 Neutrogena Spectrum + 08:07:39 Capital One "Venture" credit card 08:08:09 The Home Depot 08:08:39 ACT Total Care mouthwash 08:08:54 Florida Orange Juice 08:09:09 McDonald's Happy Meal and Kids Meal 08:09:24 Dawn dish detergent 08:09:54 Kellogg's Special K protein shakes 08:10:24 Aveeno Positively Radiant 08:17:10 Jif 08:17:40 Aveeno body wash 08:17:55 Keebler cookies 08:18:25 Macy's 08:18:55 Chase "Blueprint" credit card 08:19:10 movie "Cats & Dogs: The Revenge Of Kitty Galore" 08:19:25 Revlon GrowLuscious Mascara 08:19:40 Chevrolet Corvette 08:20:10 Florida orange juice 08:20:25 One A Day Women's + 50 Advantage 08:20:40 V8 juice 08:26:06 movie "The Kids Are All Right" 08:33:21 Subway 08:34:51 Blinds To Go 08:35:21 Sleepy's 08:40:11 Toshiba 08:40:41 Friendly's burger melts 08:40:56 Chase "Real Cash" debit card 08:41:26 Toyota 08:41:56 Toshiba 08:51:33 Empire Today 08:55:57 Benjamin Moore paint