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MSNBC Countdown Iraq 19:30 hour anchored by Lester Holt.

NBC ID: ARE17ZRZCN | Production Unit: MSNBC Live (Dayside) | Media Type: Aired Show | Media ID: MNBC-DAY-20021119-0008 | Air Date(s): 11/19/2002 | Event Date(s): 11/19/2002


Event Date(s): 11/19/2002 | Event Location(s): Persian Gulf; Kuwait;Washington, DC; | Description: MSNBC Countdown Iraq anchored by Lester Holt. 19:30:51 NBC News corespondent Jim Miklaszewski reports from the Pentagon in Washington, DC. Miklaszewski reports that the renewed United Nations (UN) weapons inspections are underway in Iraq but that has not slowed down the military preparedness for war if necessary to rid Iraq of weapons of mass destruction. Wide shot of Army combat troops firing their weapons during a training session in Fort Pope, Louisiana. Medium shot of troops running inside a smoky building. Wide shot of a soldier running as he is fired upon. Wide shot of a soldier standing behind a wall. Wide shot of a soldier firing a cannon from a vehicle. In interview 509th airborne Lieutenant Colonel Skip Lewis says, "There's of course the buildings that while they provide protection, they also provide cover for the enemy as well as the fulfilling forces". Wide shot of a soldier firing a weapon. Wide shot of a soldier firing a weapon from a military vehicle. Wide high angle shot of military vehicles on the base. Medium shot of soldiers running out of the building. In interview United States Army (ret) General Barry McCaffrey says, "These people are deadly serious, they're extraordinarily dangerous and they are prepared to do what the President ask them to do." Wide panning shot of military vehicles. Wide shot of military vehicles being loaded onto another vehicle. High shot of vehicles on board a boat. Tracking shot of a fighter jet taking off from an aircraft carrier. Wide shot of soldiers firing their weapons. Close up shot of bullets inside an automatic weapon. Wide shot of soldiers firing automatic weapons. Wide shot of a fighter jet landing on an aircraft carrier. Wide shot of fighter jets in flight. Wide shot of a B-2 stealth bomber during takeoff. Zoom out shot of a bomb. In interview US Army (ret)General Norman Schwarzkopf says, "We have a great Air Force, we will establish air superiority in no time at all, and once you control the air you have the ability to do a lot of stuff, you couldn't do otherwise." Medium shot of an Apache attack helicopter in flight. Wide shot of moving military tanks. Wide shot of an explosion in the desert. Wide shot of soldiers debarking an airplane. Medium shot of a moving tank. McCaffrey says, "When they get there, they are going to have heavy armor that's already got the ammunition, the POL, it's all ready to roll, and that's the change." Miklaszewski reports on camera. Medium shot of a soldier uses a needle to place a substance on wood. Wide shot of cannons being fired from military vehicles. Tracking shot of Iraqi President Saddam Hussein during an event in Baghdad, Iraq. Medium shot of warheads in a chemical plant. Medium shot of Hussein speaking during a press conference. Medium shot of fighter jets on a runway. Medium shot of soldiers riding in a military vehicle. Tracking shot of a moving tank. Miklaszewski signs off in a voiceover from The Pentagon in Arlington, Virginia. 19:33:32 Holt is joined live on set inside the situation room by retired United States (US) Marine Major Jack Stradley. They discuss possible US military strategy in Iraq. 19:36:35 NBC News corespondent Patricia Sabga reports from Kuwait City, Kuwait. Sabga reports on US Troops training in Kuwait. Military tanks move along the desert terrain. Sot from Colonel David Perkins, Second Brigade Commander. Tank fires its cannon. Tank moves along the desert floor. Soldier mans Paladin Howitzer artillery gun atop the tank. Tank moving along the ground. Unidentified soldier speaks into two-way radio. Sot from unidentified soldier. 19:38:19 NBC News correspondent Bob Arnot reports from aboard the USS Camden in the Persian Gulf. Arnot reports how the USS Camden refuels and supplies the Abraham Lincoln Battle Group. Daytime shot of the USS Camden. Shot of container being loaded onto ship. Panning shot of crew aboard ship. Crew connects fuel-pumping system aboard ship. Shot of the USS Camden and another ship sailing side by side. Sots from unidentified crew members. Shot of crewmember signaling another ship. Wide shot of ship sailing. Crewmember fires o towline. Crew Member checks vial with fuel in it. Crew connects huge fuel line. Interior shot of boiler room control panel. Shot of Helicopter hovering above the USS Camden. Arnot closes on Camera from on board the USS Camden. 19:45:43 NBC News corespondent Dawna Friesen reports from London, England. Friesen reports on the latest news on terror and Al Qaeda out of London. Shot of a bus driving down a London street. Shot of British Prime Minister Tony Blair with his wife. Aerial shot of a British nuclear submarine. Exterior of HM Naval Base on Devonport, England. 19:47:30 Holt reports on a video game called "Conflict: Desert Storm". Holt is joined by Joe Rybicki. They discuss the video game. Screen shots of the game being played. 19:54:30 Holt voices over the Showdown Lowdown segment. Video of United Nations (UN) Weapons inspectors in Iraq. Video of US Military exercises in Kuwait. Video of pigs in a pen. Clip of Democratic Senator Tom Daschle speaking on the floor of the Senate. Video from the senate floor of the debate over the Homeland Security Bill that passed today. Video of President George W. Bush arriving in Prague, Czechoslovakia. Clip from "Today Show". Clip from "Tonight Show with Jay Leno".

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