Today's Beauty: Beauty Editor Bobbi Brown Works Fashion Week, & Shows How To Do Everyday Makeup

NBC ID: ARYNEDAN3R | Media Type: Aired Show | Air Date(s): 02/18/2011 | Event Date(s): 02/18/2011


Event Date(s): 02/18/2011 | Event Location(s): New York City, New York | Description: EJ: INT NEW YORK CITY, NEW YORK IN A TENT BACKSTAGE AT FASHION WEEK AT DESIGNER RACHEL ROY'S SHOW BRIEF CUTS: Beauty expert Bobbi Brown applying makeup to different models, and "Bobbi Brown" name sign. MS: In interview (part VO) Brown says "It's really early in the morning. There's 26 girls, 10 artists, and it's about making sure the girls look like the Rachel Roy inspiration which is very outdoorsy, golden, desert-like, warm tones. It's fun, it's exciting, and it's gonna get crazy, I promise!" BRIEF CUTS: Makeup artists including Brown apply makeup to models. BRIEF CUTS: Makeup artists and models as the artists apply makeup to the models and in VO Brown says "People, are we ok?" BRIEF CUTS: Makeup artists and models as the artists apply makeup to the models and in VO Brown says "Just her lips and her eyebrows we need to do?" 3 MS: Brown applies makeup to a model and asks her assistant "Alexis" to do the lighting test. MS: Sneakers seen as in VO Brown says "These are the wrong shoes for fashion week." 2 MS: Model and Brown both say they'll see each other later. BRIEF CUTS: Makeup artists apply makeup to models as Brown in interview (part VO) says "I'm about to look at the girls in the light because if they have too much makeup or not enough makeup it looks bad." BRIEF CUTS: Brown has a model raise her head as makeup is applied and Brown discusses with her crew what the model needs. BRIEF CUTS: Brown examines and critiques the makeup on different models and tells her crew they need 10 minutes for each girl. MS: Designer Rachel Roy watches Brown apply makeup to a model near others. 2 MS: Brown and Roy as Roy in interview says (part VO) "She has this way of putting makeup on so that I get the story that I'm really looking for every collection but she does it in a way that's so wearable," Brown says "I just pretend that I look like Rachel Roy, and it works for me," Brown and Roy laugh and tell each other to shut up, and Roy says "So crazy." BRIEF CUTS: Models stand on the runway. GFX HEADER: "Bobbi's Beauty Basics" GFX SUPERS: "Don't use heavily pigmented eye shadow color, Go with a sheer alternative, Apply eye shadow in single layer on upper lid and don't bring too close to brow bown, Instead of a matte finish foundation give skin a dewy glow with tinted moisturizer and blush, Swipe 1 to 2 coats of mascara onto lashes, Use moisturizer with SPF on skin before applying makeup, Make sure you're in a well lit room when applying makeup, The best light for makeup application is natural lighting" In live in-studio interview Brown says Roy is a name to watch. Woman chosen from the crowd, Carrie Floyd (ph) in-studio seen as Brown applies makeup to Floyd to give her a runway look for everyday life, and discusses the proper lighting to apply makeup. STILL: Insert of First Lady Michelle Obama at the State of the Union address wearing a dress designed by Rachel Roy. STILL: Before of Carrie Floyd and live split screen insert with Floyd wearing makeup applied by Brown.

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