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Editorial video

General Election: Conservatives

General Election: Conservatives; a) (Dunn,Kevin) ENGLAND: London: Wembley: GV Tory supporters in stadium waving huge blue flags and Union Jacks PAN R-L CMS Boy waving flag and smiling MS Crowd waving flags LMS Bob Monkhouse (Comedian) and Jimmy Tarbuck (Comedian) on stage at rally - other celebrities seated at back of stage MS Celebrities sitting on stage including Zandra Rhodes (Dress designer), Ronnie Corbett (Comedian), Adam Faith (singer), Paul Daniels (Magician), Lyndsey De Paul (Singer) and Christopher Biggins (actor) CMS BOB MONKHOUSE (Comedian) tells joke SOF "Next Thursday -- Opportunity Knocks" CBV Crowd cheering and waving flags CMS JIMMY TARBUCK (Comedian) tells joke SOF (On Party leaders) "And what a -- odd couple" CMS Bernie Winters singing Dads Army song but with new words MS Words to new 'Dads Army' scolled up on large screen SOF TMS SIDE crowd waving flags to music SOF MS Margaret Tebbit wheeled towards by husband Norman Tebbit (Tory Party Chairman) as celebrities on stage clap - stops and Norman Tebbit waves LA SIDE Tebbit and Thatcher on podium - bow as crowd cheers CMS PM MARGARET THATCHER SPEECH TO RALLY SOF ('Mums Army' will keep Britain safe/Labour will bring back secondary picketing) "Well I don't know -- MS Audience clapping CMS SIDE Tim Rice (Composer) and Patrick Moore (Astrologer) listening -- proud of" LMS Celebrities on stage stand and clap as blue balloons let off TMS SIDE Thatcher and husband Denis R-L (with Harvey Thomas, Campaign Director) through cheering crowd and flags CMS Thatcher towards smiling and waving TMS SIDE Thatcher thru cheering supporters as music played CAS ex ENG(Borer/Gilmartin/Hicks) L/B 2.08 TX:7.6.87/22.13pm MIXFX ARCHIVE CASS 35643 41:56 TO 44:06 143070