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Editorial video

Russian Female Sniper, WAVES and WAACs

Close-up of Russian sniper female sniper Lyudmila Pavlichenko is shown in Washington, DC shaking hands with Russian Ambassador Maxim Litvinov / poses with Litvinov for photos, close-up of Pavlichenko smiling to camera / NEW STORY / WAVES receive new uniforms / row of Waves being inspected, uniforms adjusted, and close-ups of details / pan of their smiling faces / NEW STORY / wide shot of WAACs graduation ceremony and rows of 436 graduates seated / women walking up and taking places / two women walk across stage to receive diploma / audience clapping / closer view down a row of women, close-up of diploma / a graduate smiles at camera / WAACs working in a message center, taking over for departing male soldiers / group of WAAC graduates saluting.