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CONCORDE FLEET GROUNDED FOLLOWING CRASH REPORT:.||=================================================================================||a)NN: CHRIS CHOI|ITN|ENGLAND: London: Heathrow Airport:|EXT|GV Ground crew working underneath British Airways Concorde||INT|GV Civil Aviation Authority press conference ||Sir Malcolm Field (Chairman, Civil Aviation Authority) interviewed SOT|- A significant new development is the evidence now emerging that the tyre burst that occured was in itself the primary cause of this accident - it is clear to us that a tyre burst alone should never cause the loss of a public transport aircraft||i/c||ANIMATION Showing how Concorde crash happened ||NIGHT|GV Last British Airways Concorde to finish flight before ban landing PAN ||TX 16.8.2000/NN||b)C4N: MARK EASTON|ITN|ENGLAND: London: Heathrow Airport:|EXT|GV Concorde airplane on tarmac next to hangar ZOOM IN ground staff standing around beneath plane||GV Aviation workers beneath Concorde||Wheels of plane with maintenence crew vehicle in b/g||Ground crew member up steps to underside of Concorde||INT|Mike Bell (Civil Aviation Authority) press conference SOT|- (why did we not ground Concorde immediately we knew it was a tyre at fault) we didn't believe that a single tyre failure could be the sole cause of this accident until now||MS 'Concorde British Airways' sign above closed check-in desk TILT DOWN ||GV Deserted area around Concorde desk||ITN FILE |EXT|AIR VIEW Concorde planes in hangar and one on ground||ITN|INT|Ken Smart (Air Accidents Investigation Branch) press conference SOT|- they have to satisfy the authorities that the level of risk associated with the tyre burst is contained within normally accepted levels / a complex issue which will take some time to solve||GRAPHIC SEQ Concorde tyre bursts||i/c with video wall in background||Captain Steve Last (Aircraft design, International Pilots Association) interview SOT|- it's not a simple...
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