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Anatomy, Inner Ear

Model Of The Anatomy Of The Inner Ear Of An Human Body Lateral View. The Inner Ear Comprises Both The Receptors For Hearing And For Balance. It Consists Of Two Parts: The Osseous Labyrinth, Externally, Which Corresponds To A Series Of Cavities Dug In The Temporal Bone, And The Membranous Labyrinth, Internally. The Osseous Labyrinth Divides Into Three Areas: The Semicircular Canals In The Left Of The Picture, The Vestibule In The Middle And The Cochlea Shaped Like A Snail. The Three Semicircular Canals Anterior, Posterior And Lateral Are Orientated In The Three Spatial Planes; They Thereby Perceive The Head Movements And Then Contribute To The Dynamic Equilibrium Maintenance. At The Canal Bases, Bulges, Called Ampullae, Include Speed Sensors For Acceleration And Deceleration. The Vestibule Includes Two Membranous Sacs, The Utricle And The Saccule, Determining The Static Equilibrium. These Informations Are Transfered To The Brain Through The Vestibular Nerve In Yellow, Split, Branch Of The Auditory Nerve. The Cochlea Is An Osseous Spiral Shaped Duct. It Converts The Sound Waves, Perceived By The Outer Ear And Transfered By The Middle Ear, Into Nerve Impulse. The Latter Is Next Transported To The Brain Through The Cochlear Nerve In Yellow. Under The Vestibule, The Stirrup, One Of The Three Ossicles Of The Middle Ear, Is Visible; It Transfers The Sound Vibrations To The Oval Window Of The Vestibule. Legend: A Ampulla Of Lateral Semicircular Canal B Ampulla Of Anterior Semicircular Canal12 Vestibule (Photo By BSIP/UIG Via Getty Images)
Anatomy, Inner Ear : News Photo
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