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1. FC Nuernberg Team Presentation

NUERNBERG, GERMANY - JULY 21: (Rear, L-R): Adam Matysek, Even Hovland, Dave Bulthuis, Patrick Erras, Lukas Muehl, (2nd, L-R): Tobias Dippert, Willi Evseev, Philipp Hercher, Tobias Kempe, Kevin Moehwald, Laszlo Sepsi, Miso Brecko, Milan Gubov, Markus Zeyer, (3rd, L-R): Alois Schwartz, Co-Trainer Manuel Kloekler, Rurik Gíslason, Ondrej Petrak, Hanno Behrens, Eduard Loewen, Guido Burgstaller, Georg Margreitter, Marko Riegel, PD Dr. Matthias Brem, (Front, L-R): Dennis Lippert, Patrick Kammerbauer, Jakub Sylvestr, Thorsten Kirschbaum, Raphael Schaefer, Patrick Rakovsky, Tim Leibold, Ivan Knezevic and Mike Ott pose during the 1. FC Nuernberg team presentation at Sportpark Valznerweiher on July 21, 2016 in Nuernberg, Germany. (Photo by Thomas Langer/Bongarts/Getty Images)
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