Corporate Social Responsibility at Getty Images

Corporate Social Responsibility
at Getty Images

Corporate Social Responsibility at Getty Images

Our imagery moves hearts, minds, and fuels opinions—powering ideas and commerce for organizations worldwide and enabling them to drive impact and shift perceptions at the same time.

We believe that visual representation across the globe matters, which is why we’ve made it our mission to ensure that people of all races, ethnicities, gender identities, sexual orientations and religions, as well as those with various disabilities, see themselves authentically and inclusively reflected in the visuals that surround them.

We also recognize that our business affects individuals and society on every level, every day. That’s why we stand for creative rights that empower creative careers, for freedom of the press and the protection of journalists—equally essential to a free society—and for generosity that helps communities everywhere flourish.


We’ve spent over a decade working to break down stereotypes and create a more authentic visual view of concepts such as gender identity, sexual identity, religion, race, mental illness, and disability for organizations worldwide to use in their communications. Just as imagery has the power to shape ideas, we believe it holds the power to move the world—elevating our customers’ diverse narratives as they endeavor to alter perceptions, evoke empathy, and build community.

Diversity behind the lens matters as much to us as diversity in front of the lens,  which is why we’re conscious of who assigns, captures, and edits content and  are actively working to improve representation on both ends of the camera— specifically for communities who have been historically marginalized. In this way, we believe we can further our vision toward improving visual representation across the globe.

The BBC Kids Collection
The BBC Kids Collection
Furthering our commitment to break visual stereotypes and broaden the representation of people, we’ve partnered with the BBC to create a library of authentic imagery and video of children. Both Getty Images and the BBC are committed to increasing the representation of children and families who are currently underrepresented in the media. Launching with over 2,000 images and videos, the BBC Kids Collection captures everyday moments of a diverse range of children from across the UK.
Black Archives
Black Archives
In 2021, we partnered with Black Archives, providing the multimedia platform that spotlights the Black experience with incredible access to its expansive archive. In the spirit of Black Archives’ mission to give voice to under‑told stories, Black Archives’ founder Renata Cherlise curates rarely seen historical imagery of everyday Black life from Getty Images’ 11 million‑plus digitized and analog photographs and videos, providing insight to all those seeking to understand the legacies that preceded their own. These curated collections are available to view and license on
Black History & Culture Collection
Black History & Culture Collection
An initiative created to provide free non‑commercial access to historical and cultural images of the African/Black Diaspora in the US and UK from the 19th century to present day. The collection aims to grant access to rarely seen images for educators, academics, researchers, and content creators, enabling them to tell untold stories around Black culture.
The Disability Collection
The Disability Collection
Verizon Media, Getty Images, and the National Disability Leadership Alliance partnered to create The Disability Collection, a growing collection of stock images and video that break stereotypes and authentically portray people with disabilities in everyday life. We’re empowering our industry to get real about disability representation with stock photos that can be licensed and used by anyone in the world.
The Disrupt Aging® Collection
The Disrupt Aging® Collection
In 2018 we joined forces with AARP, the largest nonprofit nonpartisan organization dedicated to empowering Americans 50 and older to choose how they live as they age, to change the conversation around aging. Together, we’ve redefined what it means to get older by authentically depicting the realities of aging today, while countering outdated stereotypes suggesting that aging is a lifestyle of isolation or leisure—especially when older adults are living increasingly full lives with loved ones of all ages. The Disrupt Aging® Collection is always growing and contains thousands of images capturing everyday moments that help break stereotypes and combat ageist biases.
At Getty Images, we’ve consistently invested in helping our customers go beyond pride messaging and rainbow symbolism, and continue to encourage our photographers and customers to push past harmful LGBTQ+ stereotypes. That’s why we partnered with GLAAD, the LGBTQ media advocacy organization, and the GLAAD Media Institute, which works across all forms of media on LGBTQ representation.

Together, we aim to empower the media and brands to be more inclusive by increasing the number of available images that authentically represent the LGBTQ community by crafting an LGBTQ+ Guidebook to provide guidance, support, and actionable understandings.
HBCU Archival Grants Program
HBCU Archival Grants Program
This new grant series offers Historically Black Colleges and Universities—also known as HBCUs—the opportunity to digitize their valuable visual history for the benefit of students, professors and the public. These grants will cover the formal digitization process of recipient HBCUs’ libraries and increase access to a wealth of unique and rarely seen imagery, while also allowing previously untold stories to be shared.
We partnered with the NAACP, the largest civil rights organization in the U.S., to amplify and expand the visual narrative of the Black community as it relates to characterizations in media and advertising on a national scale. By collaborating with the civil rights organization, we’re aiming to elevate the work of photographers, videographers and illustrators who are seeking to tell stories about the Black experience. Together, we are developing actionable insights for communicators, marketers and members of the media to ensure that they are better equipped to thoughtfully tell more wholistic, well‑rounded stories depicting the Black experience in the years to come.
The Nosotros Collection
The Nosotros Collection
We launched The Nosotros Collection in 2019 to share the true narrative of the Latinx and Hispanic communities in North America, the very first curated collection of its kind. By reimagining the visual representation of this nuanced community, the thousands of images and video contained in this growing collection intentionally counter pervasive harmful stereotypes.
Picturing Black History
Picturing Black History
An ongoing collaborative effort between Ohio State’s Origins: Current Events in Historical Perspective and Getty Images, Picturing Black History seeks to uncover untold stories and rarely seen images of the Black experience, providing new context around culturally‑significant moments by bringing them into the light and into view. Blending the breadth and depth of Getty Images’ imagery archives with the renowned expertise of Origins and Ohio State’s History Department, we seek to inform, educate, and move the world forward, by exploring the past.
Project #ShowUs
Project #ShowUs
Together with our partner Dove, we launched Project #ShowUs, the world’s largest stock photo library created by women, femmes and non‑binary individuals to shatter beauty stereotypes by showing women, femmes and non‑binary individuals as they are, not as others believe they should be. Project #ShowUs aims to put an end to the narrow definition of beauty consistently portrayed around the world, setting a new standard for the authentic, diverse, and inclusive representation of women, femmes and non‑binary people everywhere.
Voice Behind the Camera
Voice Behind the Camera
We invite you to look beyond the imagery and witness the power of personal experience through the words of our contributors in a new series, Voice Behind the Camera.

1. Michael Santiago
2. Alex Wong
3. Carmen Mandato
4. Stacy Revere
5. HBCU Swingman Classic


At Getty Images, we partner with a variety of outstanding organizations across the globe to support and strengthen the values and efforts we mutually share.

Cannes Young Lions

The Cannes Young Lions competition brings young creatives together from across the globe as they go head‑to‑head in a variety of communications‑related competitions. As annual sponsors of the competition, we’ve long supported talent entering the creative marketplace.

Committee to Protect Journalists

The Committee to Protect Journalists is non‑profit organization which promotes press freedom worldwide. As committed members of the CPJ, we support their efforts to promote press freedom and defend journalists' rights to report without fear by taking action wherever journalists are attacked, imprisoned, killed, threatened, or censored.

Compassionate Eye Foundation

We’re a long‑time supporter and regular contributor to the Compassionate Eye Foundation, a non‑profit which enlists photographers to donate their royalties to improve education, health care, and economic opportunities in developing nations.

The Copyright Alliance

We’re a proud member of the Copyright Alliance, a non‑profit dedicated to advocating policies which promote and preserve the value of copyright, and to protecting the rights of creators and innovators.


As a member of The Digital Media Licensing Association, we support their work to protect intellectual property and uphold and strengthen copyright, while connecting content buyers and sellers.

Elizabeth Taylor AIDS Foundation

We’re proud to support the Elizabeth Taylor AIDS Foundation, with our archival photos of the actress helping to enrich the Foundation's communications and support its efforts to raise funds.

Foundation Rwanda

Foundation Rwanda helps Rwandan women recover from the ravages of civil conflict and assists Rwandan children in becoming educated citizens. We provide office space and support, so the non‑profit can focus on their mission of creating awareness about the consequences of genocide and sexual violence.

The Hewlett Foundation

Together with the Hewlett Foundation, we’ve created more than 1000 high‑quality, editorial images of the ways in which women work, often in informal and invisible jobs, in six countries around the world.

The Ochberg Society

We’re a dedicated supporter of the Ochberg Society, a global network of journalists who advance the compassionate and ethical coverage of trauma, conflict, and social injustice.


We’ve teamed up with Sama on a growing number of technology projects which improve our image search for our customers, while providing dignified work and good wages to lift people in developing countries from poverty.

We Protect

We’re honored to provide our image recognition technology to support WeProtect, a global alliance led by the UK government to stop the global crime of online child sexual abuse and exploitation.

Unstereotype Alliance

Unstereotype Alliance is a thought and action platform which seeks to eradicate harmful, gender‑based stereotypes in all media and advertising content. We partner with the Unstereotype Alliance to offer up a collection of imagery which celebrates the diversity of women in leadership positions.


We actively support organizations across the globe seeking to build, strengthen and encourage the photographer, videographer and creative communities.

Bronx Documentary Center

We support this grass‑roots photojournalism organization in their mission to explore vital issues, stimulate critical thought, and drive social change with underserved communities in the Bronx, as well as the cultural community at large.

Chris Hondros Fund

We created this award in 2012 to honor and celebrate photojournalist and two‑time Pulitzer Prize nominee Chris Hondros —the award‑winning Getty Images photojournalist killed on April 20, 2011 in a mortar attack by government forces in Misrata, Libya—as well as his work and his distinctive ability to bring shared human experiences into the public eye. In an effort to further celebrate Chris’ legacy, this annual award of US$20,000 is given to photojournalists who exemplify Chris’ incredible work.

Doug Pensinger Photography Fund

Founded in memory of Getty Images’ late photojournalist Doug Pensinger, the Doug Pensinger Photography Fund provides career development opportunities to emerging sports photographers—and we provide much‑needed mentorship to recipients.

Eddie Adams Workshop

We’re a staunch supporter of the Workshop's annual immersive event, dedicated toward sharpening emerging photojournalists’ skills. Our employees teach, mentor, and yes—even cook and wash the dishes—at these annual events.

Women Photograph

Alongside Women Photograph, we understand the need for greater diversity and inclusion in photojournalism. Together, we support photography projects—either new or in‑progress—from a range of visual journalists working in a documentary capacity.

ADA Developers Academy

We believe that a diverse technology team that accurately represents the world around us not only makes our company and industry stronger but enables us to better surface authentic content to our customers, too. We remain committed to fostering the next generation of female developers through a long‑standing relationship with ADA Developers Academy and have added several talented software engineers to our team who have each made significant contributions to our websites, services, API, and Search. We look forward to expanding our relationship in the years to come and further growing our team as well.