Historically Black Colleges & Universities (HBCUs) Collection

Spotlighting rarely seen moments in history and beyond.
100% of the proceeds support HBCUs.

Established by the Higher Education Act of 1965, an HBCU is any historically accredited college or university established prior to 1964 with the mission of educating Black Americans. The Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCU) Collection houses rarely‑seen photography, from the 1800s to notable events today.  

HBCUs retain full copyright ownership of their photography. All revenue generated from the Collection will impact the program – effectively providing each HBCU with a new revenue stream and support scholarships for students attending HBCUs.

We are proud to represent contemporary and archival photography from the following prestigious institutions:

Black College Experience: Homecoming
Commitment to HBCUs
By licensing images from the Historically Black Colleges and Universities Collection, you are supporting HBCUs' commitment to preserving their visual history and contributing to scholarships for students.

100% of the licensing fees impact the HBCUs:
  • 50% of the licensing fees go to the HBCU
  • 30% will support scholarships for HBCU students each year
  • 20% will be reinvested in the Getty Images Photo Archives Grants for HBCUs

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Stories from HBCU’s Photo Archives

Want to see more from the HBCU’s Archives?

Getty Images Photo Archive Grants Program

In partnership with the Getty Family and Stand Together, the Getty Images Photo Archive Grant for HBCUs Program has committed $500,000 to digitize HBCUs’ photographic archives.  

This grant series offers HBCUs the opportunity to digitize their valuable visual history for the benefit of students, professors, and the public—increasing access to unique imagery and bringing awareness to untold stories.   The HBCUs retain full copyright ownership of their content.

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