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The people, places, and moments that have shaped history - all in one place. Discover the Masters Collection, where iconic imagery and famous photographers come together - and learn how to use these incredible shots in your next project.

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How to use iconic imagery

You've found that perfect shot - but now you need permission to use it. That's where our rights & You've found that perfect shot - but now you need permission to use it. That's where our rights & clearance team comes in. Need access? We'll make sure you get it - at the best price and in the shortest time possible. Let your creativity dictate your choices. We'll take care of the rest. Learn more

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The power of iconic imagery

What is iconic imagery?

What makes an image iconic? What does it mean to be an icon? How does a photo earn the status? We asked Evie Salmon, a writer, artist and cultural critic, to give us her take. Evie is a lecturer and fellow at the University of Cambridge, and is currently a Creative in Residence at Idea Generation Gallery in London.

Says Salmon, "By making an image to be observed, framed and exhibited in such a way that it outlasts both the subject and the producer, we find ourselves with the ability to construct objects of worship. It could then be said that photography doesn't merely record iconicity but also generates it."

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How brands use iconic imagery

See how global companies are using iconic imagery from Getty Images to elevate their brand communications - from annual reports to print campaigns and beyond. Securing clearance from individuals both famed and unknown, our Rights & Clearance department helped the companies below make their big ideas a reality.

Think you can't use that iconic image in your next campaign? Think again. These brands are proof that with the right team behind you, almost any image can be cleared - and in the event that it can't be done, we'll find another great image for you to use in its place.

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The Masters Collection book

The Masters Collection book

The true masters of their craft - that's who you'll find inside our digital book. The most celebrated photographers of the 20th century, from Ernst Haas to Weegee, live inside these pages, where their stories and work are given the attention they deserve.

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