Case Study: Provide a simple and efficient visual search solution to streamline video creation.

“Using the highest quality content in the world, Getty Images API raised the level of quality of videos created on PlayPlay.”

The Challenge
Customers were spending too much time seeking the right visuals to add to their videos. PlayPlay understood that its users needed high‑quality assets to create high‑engagement videos and required a solution that cut down search time without sacrificing content quality.
The Goal
PlayPlay wanted to allow their users to unlock their creative potential by giving them access to an almost unlimited source of stock visuals from Getty Images. They planned to use intuitive keywords and filters to provide their customers with the highest quality results in the shortest amount of time.

The Resolution

PlayPlay was able to utilize Getty Images content to delight Enterprise customers by leveraging royalty‑free assets within their video projects and telling their brand story on their terms. Through the Getty Images API, PlayPlay has elevated its search and keyword functionality to make searching for assets quicker and more effective for its users.