Case Study: Integrate new search functions into an existing ecosystem to heighten user satisfaction.

“Getty Images has been an outstanding and flexible partner, collaborating with us to bring things to market that have never been done before.”

The Challenge
Bluescape identified a need among their customers to ideate and generate ideas for boards when starting new projects. To address this need and attract new customers, Bluescape sought a solution to leverage their platform’s unique collaborative capabilities and enable creative teams to work together effectively. Image search was a natural way to bring new users into the product. Bluescape recognized the importance of providing high‑quality, desirable content to promote their Popsync feature and draw people to their platform.
The Goal
Bluescape aimed to streamline their asset search process. To achieve this, they planned to utilize high‑quality content from Getty Images to cut through the noise and provide more relevant results for their projects. Additionally, Bluescape wanted to integrate OAuth, allowing customers with Getty Images subscriptions to access content from their plan within their workspace seamlessly. Bluescape hoped to raise awareness of Popsync among existing Getty Images users and elevate engagement.

The Resolution

The Getty Images API was robust and easy to use, enabling the team to get the new Popsync feature to market quickly. The partnership with Getty Images enabled Bluescape to access content across the Getty Images portfolio (Getty Images, iStock, and Unsplash).
This is a distinct advantage because it allows Bluescape users to access amazing content without going through a separate platform to search for images, no matter their budget.