15 amazing examples of animal camouflage

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Spotted! ... or striped? or speckled? These 15 animals win nature's round of hide-and-go-seek. 


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That's not a pile of spilled glitter: it's a small-toothed flounder, blending in with the sand below. 


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Check again before you bite into these Flaming Hots. Turns out, they're not Cheetos OR coral. See if you can spot the two pygmy seahorse hiding here.


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Watch your step! There's a bush thick-knee bird in there using its "stick posture" to hide from predators. 


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See something, say something. Too bad I can hardly see something. Supposedly there's a Praying Mantis hiding on this tree trunk, ready to catch some smaller insects.  


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Anyone seen a fuzzy looking things with eight legs? Anyone? It is brown and white and blends in well with tree bark. Goes by the name of Bark Spider. 


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Rock my world, little lizard. The horned lizard hides among the wildflowers and the dry rocks here in Tucson, Arizona. 


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I think she just wants us to leaf her alone... The Brown Mantella frog uses her leaf-like coloring to stay safe on the forest ground. 


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Now you see him... now you don't. Unless you never saw him, which would be very understandable. A leaf-tailed gecko is hanging out on this tree trunk. 


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This Great Potoo has not only a great name, but also a great look for remaining unseen. 


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Just your every day shot of twigs, stones and dirt! Oh, and one more thing, a Tuva toad-head agama lizard somewhere, too. 


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Leaf it to this guy to have the best hiding spot ever. A leaf insect camouflages in with the guava fruit plant here in Indonesia. 


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Butterfly, but where? The orange-barred sulphur blends in perfectly with some orange foliage.


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I'm going to need a stronger antenna to sort out this signal. There's a glaucous cracker butterfly sitting on this tree trunk somewhere. 


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Ever get the feeling that the pond is watching you? This Pac-Man frog bumpy green look camouflages right in. 


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Does this sand look extra wiggly to you? That might be the fluttering Speckled Sole hiding out on the ground.