Are these the most beautiful train stations?

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Between unexplained delays, sticky floors, and flooded toilets, commuters may not have the most positive relationship with local train systems.  Would these 14 gorgeous train stations help make your commute any more enjoyable?

1. Oriente Railway Station

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You can visit the Oriente Railway Station in Lisbon, Portugal.

2. Grand Central Station

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Grand Central Station is hard to miss if you're coming to New York City by train.

3. Shot Tower

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Travel to the Land Down Under, then look up at the Shot Tower in Melbourne, Australia.

4. Kuala Lumpur Railway Station

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The Kuala Lumpur Railway Station in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia offers visitors optical illusions, so make sure you know which direction you're headed.

5. Mayakovskaya Metro Station

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Visiting the Mayakovskaya Metro Station in Moscow, Russia is a trip you likely won't forget.

6. New Rotterdam Central Station

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You can get just about everywhere in Europe using trains, so try starting out or ending up in Rotterdam, The Netherlands at the New Rotterdam Central Station.

7. Old Railway Station

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The Old Railway Station in Maputo, Mozambique has been a landmark since it was built in the 1870s.

8. Tsuzumi-mon at Kanazawa

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In Kanazawa, Japan, the Tsuzumi-mon at Kanazawa Station symbolizes a traditional Japanese instrument called Tsuzumi (or hand drums).

9. Union Station

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Washington D.C.'s Union Station is right in the center of the nation's capital.

10. Liége-Guillemins Railway Station

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Take a look into the future of travel with the Liége-Guillemins Railway Station in Guillemins, Belgium.

11. São Bento Railway Station

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Murals are an unusual sight in the São Bento Railway Station in Porto, Portugal.

12. Dunedin Railroad Station

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The Dunedin Railroad Station in Dunedin, New Zealand, offers a nice experience inside and out.

13. King's Cross Station

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You may not find Harry Potter or the real Platform 9 3/4, but King's Cross Station is more than worth the visit if you find yourself in London, England.

14. Hundertwasser-Bahnhof

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The Hundertwasser-Bahnhof was designed by Austrian architect Friedensreich Hundertwasser and is located in Uelzen, Germany.

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