Seriously? Boxing's Strangest Decisions

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The massively entertaining fight between Gennady Golovkin and Canelo Alvarez ended in the most anticlimactic way possible. One judge scored the fight evenly, one had it for Golovkin by a thread, and one had it for Alvarez by a surprisingly significant margin, resulting in a draw.

This is not the first time a judge's controversial scorecard has overshadowed the fight itself, though. Here are some of boxing's most controversial decisions of all-time.

1989: Sugar ray leonard vs. Thomas hearns Ii

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Eight years after their first fight, Thomas Hearns (right) was out for revenge, and he seemingly had it, but a 10-8 final round in favor of Sugar Ray Leonard from one judge resulted in a draw. Leonard himself would later say that he should have lost the fight.

1992: James Toney vs. Dave Tiberi

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The split-decision victory for James Toney (right) was so controversial that some United States senators called for a corruption investigation of the sport.

1997: George foreman vs. Shannon briggs

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George Foreman (right) landed stronger punches on Shannon Briggs more often throughout the fight, but two of the three judges gave Briggs the victory, forcing Foreman into an early retirement.

2007: joel casamayor vs. jose armando santa cruz

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Jose Armando Santa Cruz (right) looked dominant throughout, landing almost double the shots than Joel Casamayor. Some judges saw it differently though, resulting in a split-decision in favor of Casamayor.

2012: Manny pacquiao vs. Timothy bradley jr.

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It seemed like everyone scored the fight decisively for Manny Pacquiao. Everyone, that is, except the judges. In one of the most controversial decisions in boxing history, Pacquiao (right) outclassed Timothy Bradley Jr. but lost in a shocking split-decision.

2017: Manny Pacquiao vs. Jeff Horn

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Pacquiao (right) was once again on the wrong side of a controversial decision. This time, he lost in a unanimous upset to Jeff Horn in Brisbane from Australia. The referee had even threatened to stop the fight in the ninth round with Horn wobbling and in trouble.

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