Are You Part of The Harry Potter Generation?

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Ever waited in a midnight line to get the newest Harry Potter book? Know just the right way to approach a hippogriff? If yes, sounds like you're part of the Harry Potter generation. Here are 10 more ways to make sure.


You’ve double checked the snake exhibit at the zoo to confirm the glass pane is still there.

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You know what lumos, reparo and alohamora mean (and you knew exactly how to say wingardium leviosa, even before the movies).

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You would never use an unforgivable curse, even if you’re a muggle just playing around.

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You know what your patronus is, and have your happiest memory on hand just in case.

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When you’re too lazy to get up and grab something, you’ve definitely tried accio-ing it.

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You’ve actually wanted to try the booger flavor Bertie Botts Every Flavor Bean, because now you’re just curious.

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You can’t touch an old boot without wondering if just maybe it is a portkey.

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When you’re struggling to remember something, you know a pensieve would be more helpful than a remembrall.

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You have all of your friends sorted into houses, and know just the right way to console that buddy who is a Slytherin in denial.

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You are still waiting on that owl to show up with your Hogwarts admittance letter, even though it's been a little while since you turned eleven.

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