10 fun facts about the '17 Firefly Lineup

Kevin Mazur/Getty Images

All photos by Kevin Mazur/Getty Images

1. The Weeknd

He was born in and never left his hometown Toronto until he was 21. Yup, the Weekend (aka Abel Makkonen Tesfaye) is Canadian.

2. Jared Leto

The Academy Award winning lead singer of 30 Seconds to Mars not only played teen heartthrob “Jordan Catalano” in “My So-Called Life,” but also contributed to the soundtrack for the show.

3. Busta Rhymes

The rapper once held the Guinness World Record for the most syllables rapped in a single second and can rap over 140 words per minute. Not too shabby!

4. Kesha

She has accomplished more than brushing her teeth with bottles of Jack; she sang the hook for Flo Rida’s “Right Round,” helped write Ariana Grande’s track “Pink Champagne” and co-wrote the Britney Spears hit “Till The World Ends.”

5. Weezer

Lead vocalist Rivers Cuomo named the band “Weezer” because of a childhood nickname he received due to his asthma…and, at the time, nobody in the band could come up with a better name.

6. OK Go

The band was goofing off when they unexpectedly created one of the first big viral YouTube videos with their “A Million Ways” music video. Check out their backyard shenanigans.

7. Chance the Rapper

He made history at the 2017 Grammys by becoming the first independent artist to win a Grammy without selling a single physical copy of his music or being signed to a major record label. Also, he won three Grammys that year, not just one.

8. Jack Antonoff

The Bleachers lead singer co-created the band Fun and has produced songs for Lorde, Taylor Swift, Sara Bareilles and Zayn Malik. Oh, he’s also dating “Girls” creator and actress Lena Dunham.

9. Twenty One Pilots

The band name was inspired by Arthur Miller’s play “All My Sons.” The play is based on a true story where defective aircraft engines led to the deaths of 21 pilots.

10. Muse

Before settling on the current members and “Muse” as the band name, they went through a few other more colorful bands names like “Gothic Plague” and “Rocket Baby Dolls.”