Deer Dad,

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Hey Pop, today's your day!

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So I want to level with you

ASColgan photography/Getty Images

and really meat you where you're at

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Sometimes dad humor gets a bad Wrap

r_koopmans/Getty Images

But I know to really reach your soul,

glow imagse, inc/Getty Images

Sometimes you gotta get a little loonie

taylor s. kennedy/Getty Images

I know that even though you make it look sim-ple,

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cracking all these jokes all the time is tough.

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Not everyone will snicker, dude

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Certainly, you dimsum, you lose some

lars ruecker/Getty Images

But even though I sometimes grown

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I'm laughing a lot on the inn-side

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And to me, all of your dad yolks

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are purr-fect.

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I love you dad, olive you.

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Happy F-otters Day!

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ps - here's some stalk imagery of corn growing Images

(sorry sorry, I know that one was two corny, even for you dad)

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