Mikael Cho

Chief Executive Officer, Unsplash

Mikael Cho - Chief Executive Officer - Unsplash
Mikael Cho is Co‑Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Unsplash, the preeminent image platform for global creators. As Co‑Founder and CEO, Mikael is responsible for leading and operating Unsplash’s overall strategy and vision, powering the creativity of tens of millions of users via the Unsplash website and thousands of partner integrations through the Unsplash API. 
In 2013, Mikael founded Unsplash as a blog with ten photos and the mission to make world‑class images accessible to enable everyone to create and has since grown into the most used image asset platform in the world. Mikael’s role has transformed over the years, now working with some of the world’s leading brands to curate, amplify and syndicate content to the platform’s broad audiences. 
Prior to founding Unsplash, Mikael held Co‑Founder and leadership roles at companies in the digital and creative sectors. This included Crew, a marketplace for creative talent, Uber Foundry, a digital design studio, and WHYNOTBLUE Digital Agency.  
Mikael holds a BS In Psychology at the University of Wisconsin‑Madison and is based in Montreal, Canada.