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Getty Images Music: available with Premium Access plans

Available with select Premium Access annual download plans, Getty Images Music—powered by Epidemic Sound—gives you everything you need to bring your stories to life.

The world's best images and video clips deserve the world's best music and sound effects

We've partnered with Epidemic Sound to provide you with the best possible experience by combining our industry‑leading plans with their world‑class library of royalty‑free music, sound effects, and audio clips.

Elevate your projects with world‑class audio

Access over 40,000 music tracks and 90,000 sound effects from Epidemic Sound’s library of original audio content, including stems from artists and producers regularly featured on major streaming platforms.

Get any music track, entirely royalty‑free

All tracks from Epidemic Sound are copyright cleared. And since every file comes with our industry‑leading license, you can create with complete peace of mind within the terms of your agreement.

Simplify your workflow with one plan that does it all

Pair music with royalty‑free images and video clips to enhance your audiovisual projects. Our customizable Premium Access plans let you access any file type you need with a single plan and payment.
As a Getty Images customer, how can I access music?
If you have a Premium Access plan that includes music:
1. Sign in
2. Select Music from the navigation to continue to our new partner site
3. Download audio clips and music against your existing agreement
If you don't already have a Premium Access plan with access to music, contact Sales to add music to your existing Premium Access plan or discuss a plan that will work for you.
How can I check out the Getty Images Music catalog?
If you don't have a Premium Access plan with music, you can check out some of the latest tracks available on Epidemic Sound to get a feel for it.
Is my data secure with Epidemic Sound?
As our music partner, Epidemic is acting as our data sub‑processor. While we will be securely storing and processing your personal data, we will be sharing very minimal personal data with them (Getty Images customer ID and first name only). Nonetheless, Getty Images conducted due diligence to evaluate Epidemic's privacy, security and confidentiality practices, and executed an agreement implementing its applicable security obligations, which reflect our own commitment to your personal data security. For more information on our privacy practices, check out our privacy policy here.
Can I access/use a music track previously downloaded and/or licensed with Getty Images' previous music offering?
While audio files in the legacy Getty Images Music catalogue are no longer accessible, Getty Images Music files downloaded prior to 8 June 2020 may continue to be used, subject to your licence agreement.