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Rock, hip hop, electronic and beyond, our music catalogs. Powerful original tracks, not stock music, by internationally acclaimed and up-and-coming acts, along with streamlined music licensing.

Partner collections

In keeping with our promise to provide music for every project and every budget, our collections allow us to offer one of the largest and most successful licensing catalogs in the world.

Premium Playlist

Nine Inch Nails, Money Mark, Black Hole Records. From global chart-toppers and fast-rising new acts to select labels, our Premium Playlist catalog puts an array of handpicked, pre-cleared music at your fingertips.

Pump Audio

Our Pump Audio catalog features over 40,000 original tracks, across all genres, by independent artists from around the world. And every song is pre-cleared, making licensing a snap, with simple payment options that include credit card or your Getty Images account.

Sound Express

An affordable music collection with thousands of tracks from an extensive array of genres. Click on a selection below to sample this offering. To license this music, please contact us at

Getting started with music on

Music Licensing 101

Licensing music for multi-media projects requires both a synchronization license and a master use license. If your project is broadcast to the public, an additional public performance license is required and royalties may be owed to a PRO that collects payment on behalf of composers and publishers. Getty Images takes much of the complexity out of music licensing by offering music that is pre-cleared for synch and master use rights.

Frequently asked questions

Do I need to create a user account to use Getty Images Music?

We highly recommend creating a user account and saving the tracks from your searches in "My Favorites." The tracks can be accessed from any computer you're logged into and are saved until you delete them. You can also easily share them with your team or clients, and a user account allows you to track your order history. Create an account.

How do I share my tracks and folders?

You can share any of your "My Favorites" folders with one or more colleagues or clients as long as you are logged in. It's as easy as sending an email. Choose a folder under "My Favorites" then click the "Share this folder" option and follow the directions. The recipient won't be able to download the tracks, but they will be able to listen to them.

How does your cue sheet tool work?

If you do bulk downloads or have a blanket deal to download music, this is the tool you use for reporting usage. Our cue sheet tool was created to save time looking through the fine print on CD covers while compiling your data. The tool takes you through the steps of exporting EDL, inputting, editing, downloading, distributing and reporting usage. Get started.

What's the best way to use keyword search?

Use the keyword search when you want to locate a specific track title, track ID, artist name, lyric theme or even instrument. You can also search on concepts and emotions such as love, happy or sad to find tracks with a specific word in the lyric hook. Use keyword search.

How can I narrow my search results?

To narrow your search results, select only one subgenre, one mood and one speed. It's scalable. The more options you choose, the more results you will get.

I'm looking for some more obscure music. How can I dig down into your catalog?

Want Oldies music? Try the Rock subgenre Vintage Rock/Pop. Do you miss the 80s? Try the Rock subgenre New Wave. Under View More Genres we even have a specialty category that includes a range of music from Christmas/Holiday and Sports to Cinematic and Polka.