• Artist: Jefferson Thomas
  • Title: Remembering Rona
  • Genre: Rock - Roots Rock
  • Mood: Sentimental/Ballad
  • Speed: Medium Slow (63-78)
  • Instruments: Real Drums/Drum Kit, Electric Guitar (Clean, Overdriven), Bass, Keyboards/Organs
  • Track type: Lyric - Full Length
  • Date added: 7/20/2012
  • Lyric themes: Car Crash, Reminiscing, Missing a Loved One, Moving On Letting Go, Sentimental, Regret
  • Lyrics: Jump back to sixteen, kill the lights and roll it Bring me in, bring me down, and bring me back again Show me an old ghost and take my breath away And you were beautiful; you were something You were new and you were free Maybe I was scared, maybe stupid Maybe just too drunk to know We are remembering Rona Roll up to twenty one - somebody kill the audio Show me a photograph and bring me to my knees Then walk through the wreckage with me hand in hand And now I’m sitting in a bar With Billie Holiday on the box One more buck will get you One more play I tried the Holy Church, but there was nothing there for me Now I’m cruising the East Side and standing on the bridge Then she says “don’t forget me”
  • Keywords: soulful, rock, Bass, Guitar
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