• Artist: Ceremony of Darkness
  • Title: Born Into a Grave
  • Genre: Rock - Metal/Alternative Metal
  • Mood: Aggressive/Edgy
  • Speed: Mixed
  • Instruments: Distorted Guitar (Heavy, Aggressive), Real Drums/Drum Kit, Bass
  • Track type: Lyric - Full Length
  • Date added: 1/5/2012
  • Lyric themes: Damnation, Killing for Pleasure, Egotism Selfishness, Murder, Apocalypse, Insanity
  • Lyrics:   What do you feel in the twilight fallen and unsaved A meeting in the field tonight a death without a grave Born into a vacant age, a nativity of flame Burnt at the stake or on the cross my soul shall still remain Torn out from the womb, born into a grave Taken much too soon Who the hell did you expect to save? Can you feel my eyes in the pyre light shining through the flame Or from the womb can you feel my claws caressing your remains Can you taste the blood of angels' sons and not recall my name A realm undone, the chosen one my dominion forms today Torn out from the womb, born into a grave An evil left to bloom who the hell did you expect? Cry my song out through the years a one and only breed I take my mother for what she is the first one on which I'll feed Lie down, lie down, my dear you can come but never Leave-live Can you feel my breath on the air tonight So cold and laced with pain With flesh of gold and pouring blood and eyes far much too sane Born into a perfect age, my kingdom on their knees So many beg to call my name, to suffer and to bleed Torn out from the womb, born into a grave Taken much too soon Who the hell did you expect to save?
  • Keywords: strong, powerful, aggressive, rock, angry, Bass, Guitar

About Ceremony of Darkness

Ceremony of Darkness

Edwardsville, IL United States

Album Cover "13"

Born in Champaign, IL, Ceremony of Darkness is comprised of members unique even among their brethren inhabiting the underworld. With backgrounds in literature, music theory, the military, and even boxing, the members of Ceremony of Darkness are as varied as the tracks on their premiere CD "13". Featuring songs as brutal as The Surgeon of New Orleans and as mellow as Breathless, "13" leads the listener on a journey through the diverse chambers of the ...

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