• Artist: salim nourallah
  • Title: The Apartment
  • Genre: Rock - Indie Rock
  • Mood: Laid Back/Groovy, Sentimental/Ballad
  • Speed: Medium (78-95)
  • Instruments: Real Drums/Drum Kit, Acoustic Guitar (Guitar, Banjo, Mandolin), Strings, Bass, Keyboards/Organs
  • Track type: Lyric - Full Length
  • Date added: 1/1/0001
  • Lyric themes: Sadness Depression, Reminiscing, Broken-Hearted, Unrequited Love, Love Lost, Missing a Loved One
  • Lyric hook: We've moved away but part of us stays behind, the part of us that's died i'll visit in my sleep, four walls a door not too much more, but here inside this place we made a life that i adored
  • Keywords: Bass, Building, Lo-Fi
  • Ending type: End Sustain, Build

About salim nourallah

Salim Nourallah is a Texas based singer/songwriter/producer heavily influenced by White album era Beatles. His debut "Polaroid" was released in 2004 on Western Vinyl/Secretly Canadian to rave reviews like this one: "discovering a singer-songwriter who can stop time is rare, but Salim Nourallah is such a find..." (Rolling Stone). "Beautiful Noise" followed in 2006 to more critical acclaim and in his hometown of Dallas he swept the Observer music awards that year with Best Album/Best ...

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