• Artist: Producer/song writer/composer
  • Title: Unaware
  • Genre: Rock - Alternative Rock
  • Mood: Sentimental/Ballad
  • Speed: Medium (78-95)
  • Instruments: Textures/pads, Real Drums/Drum Kit, Acoustic Guitar (Guitar, Banjo, Mandolin), Strings, Electric Guitar (Clean, Overdriven), Bass
  • Track type: Lyric - Full Length
  • Date added: 10/6/2011
  • Lyric themes: Damnation, Redemption, Soul Searching, Lack of Faith/Non-Belief, Family
  • Lyrics: I was there when the storm came inand I was unawareangels called me out but i was unawaretime and time again they come outand time and time again i keep it insideangels with dirty facescall me hauntingangels with broken wingsthey pull me and hold me under.The lights went out and the sirens soundedand a mother wakes when the cradle quakesand a preacher sees what his soul beleivesand a brother cries for his brothers lifeand a father tries and he tries an triesis it too late? to face? to change?I'm holding onangels from dark placeshovering over meangels with broken wingsthey pull me and hold me under.Pull me under.
  • Keywords: rock, Bass, Guitar

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