• Artist: Katrise
  • Title: Business in the City
  • Genre: R'n'B - Modern/Urban Contemporary
  • Mood: Up/Positive
  • Speed: Medium Fast (95-130)
  • Instruments: Turntable/Scratching, Percussion, Loops/Samples, Keyboards/Organs
  • Track type: Lyric - Full Length
  • Date added: 4/19/2012
  • Lyric themes: Money, City Life, Work, Hypocrisy
  • Lyrics: Verse 1: Business in the City is so intense to me I think it is a pity success in life is never free so much cut throat action is how the system operates want to advance in this life don't be the one everybody hates chorus: They call it business in the city not talent or ability they call it business in the city forget your personality Verse 2: A boss of old once told me I should thicken up my skin because business in the city is for the tough not for the thin based on her commentary I need to fit into this mode if I remain who I am I'll get left out in the cold (chorus) bridge: They say don't take it personal but all it is is personal because it ain't always pretty doing business in the city You said don't take it personal and I tried not to take it personal but man you really tripped me into business in the city (business in the city, business in the city, business in the city) (chorus)
  • Keywords: cheerful, upbeat, urban, positive

About Katrise


Orlando, FL United States

Katrise is an Orlando based R&B producer, songwriter, and artist. With over 13 years of recording, songwriting, and production experience, she has collaborated with a wide array of writers and artists. She grew up listening to musical greats such as Stevie Wonder, Earth, Wind, & Fire, Natalie Cole, Lauryn Hill, Tony Toni Tone, Mary J. Blige and The Temptations. Nevertheless, her primary influence has not stopped her from challenging herself with other genres from reggae ...

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