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Santa Monica, CA United States

Genres: Folk, Kids/Quirky, New Age, Ambient Soundscapes, Cajun/Zydeco, Easy Listening, Funk, Gospel/Religious, Lounge/Exotica, Reggae/Dub, Ska, Romantic Orchestral, Romantic Chamber, Modern/Avant-Garde, Classical Orchestral, Classical Chamber, Baroque Orchestral, Baroque Chamber, Contemporary/Pop, Classic, Bluegrass, Alternative, Trip Hop/Downtempo, Trance, Production Electronica, Lounge/Chillout, Industrial, House/Dance/Progressive, Experimental, Electronic Pop, Electro, Electronic Dubstep, Breakbeat, Big Beat, Ambient, Production Hip Hop, Pop/Modern, Gangsta/Hardcore, Experimental/Alternative, Swing/Big Band, Latin, JazzPop/Light Jazz, Fusion, Free/Avant-Garde, Bebop/Traditional, 20’s - 40’s, Teen, Production Pop, Pop Rock, Pop/Modern, Electronic, Alternative Pop, Adult Contemporary, Underscores, Trailer Music, Sports, Soundtrack Alternatives, Production Rock, Promo Music, Production Pop, Polka, News, Military/Marches, HumanDrama/Emotions, Horror/Suspense, Production Hip Hop, Fanfares, Production Electronica, Comedy, Classic_Horror/Suspense, Classic_Cinematic, Cinematic, Christmas/Holiday, Americana/Western, Advertising, Action/Adventure, Vintage Rock/Pop, Surf, Roots Rock, Punk/Pop-Punk, Production Rock, Pop Rock, Metal/Alternative Metal, Indie Rock, Hard Rock/Classic, Experimental/Post-Rock, Alternative Rock, Alternative Pop, Western European, Tribal, Spanish, Other, Middle Eastern, Island, Indian, Ethnic Electronica, Eastern European, Celtic, Asian_Mainland, Asian Electronic, African, Electric, Acoustic, Tropical, Tango, Salsa, Mexican_Norteno, Rock, Pop, Latin - Jazz, Cha-Cha-Cha, Brazilian_Samba, Brazilian_Brazilian Pop/MPB/Tropicalia, Brazilian_Bossa Nova, Modern/Urban Contemporary, Classic/Soul

With 700+ awards, Elias is the most successful music company in the history of broadcast advertising. Now for the first time the award-winning Elias sound is available for license on nonexclusive basis to a worldwide audience. Nothing sounds like Elias.

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