• Artist: The Alice Project
  • Title: Lilly with an Attitude
  • Genre: Rock - Pop Rock, Pop - Pop Rock
  • Mood: Up/Positive
  • Speed: Fast (130-160)
  • Instruments: Acoustic Piano, Real Drums/Drum Kit, Electric Guitar (Clean, Overdriven), Bass, Keyboards/Organs
  • Track type: Lyric - Full Length
  • Date added: 10/6/2011
  • Lyric themes: Storytelling, Soul Searching, Friendship, Attraction/Sex Appeal, Admiration/Respect
  • Lyric hook: I guess I want to be a little bit like Lilly, Lilly with an attitude
  • Lyrics: I came up to see her, but she's bringing me down All the way from the South side...you'd think she could spare just a part of her day. She left the door open, still lounging around in her smart silk pajamas...smoking a cigar of the finest tobacco. Why do I find her so intriguing... she is not leaving me much room to like her... She's Lilly with an attitude, facing the day She's putting on her armor I guess I want to be a bit like Lilly with an Attitude Why do I feel like a transparency, no walls to protect me from the outside, I'm always in a good mood, yes I'm always in a good mood.... Unlike Lilly with an attitude
  • Keywords: peppy, cheerful, upbeat, energetic, happy, rock, Bass, Guitar
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  • Artist: The Alice Project
  • Reporting title: 81120266 Getty
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