• Artist: Megan Slankard
  • Title: My Hallelujah
  • Genre: Pop - Adult Contemporary
  • Mood: Laid Back/Groovy, Sentimental/Ballad, Dramatic
  • Speed: Medium Fast (95-130)
  • Instruments: Electronic Sounds/Noises, Real Drums/Drum Kit, Acoustic Guitar (Guitar, Banjo, Mandolin), Percussion, Electric Guitar (Clean, Overdriven), Loops/Samples, Bass
  • Track type: Lyric - Full Length
  • Date added: 10/18/2011
  • Lyric themes: Faith, Uncertainty Questioning, Breaking Up Saying Goodbye, Broken-Hearted
  • Lyric hook: My Hallelujah are you wondering, My Hallelujah, when your heart will break
  • Lyrics: If with the wind I'd have my way I'd pull my house down on its face I'd pull the wheel It'd crash - it'd break Then I would cry to see my rage My hallelujah? Are you wondering? My hallelujah? When your heart will break If with the world? We'd spin our webs I'd spin you a cage to be near you again? Then I'd have you sing - heartbroken - a Serenade? Then I would explode ? Just like a grenade My hallelujah? Are you wondering? Your hallelujah? When your heart will break What I wouldn't give to be God? Just for a minute more of your love? Selfish as sin? To believe in? Anything, anything My hallelujah? Are you wondering?? My hallelujah? When your heart will break? My hallelujah? Now I feel the same? But then, I am too young? To know a damn thing
  • Keywords: Ballad, Bass, Guitar, Desire, Organic

About Megan Slankard

Megan Slankard

Portland, OR United States

Though just 25 years old, Megan Slankard has independently sold over 20,000 CDs while performing in hundreds of cities across the United States and Europe. Megan delivers edgy acoustic folk rock brimming with stories told from unique perspectives. Her signature heartfelt lyrics, and bold, radio-friendly voice produce memorable chart-wooing melodies.

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