• Artist: Lara Herscovitch
  • Title: Like I Do
  • Genre: Folk, Pop - Adult Contemporary
  • Mood: Down/Dark/Melancholic
  • Speed: Medium Slow (63-78)
  • Instruments: Real Drums/Drum Kit, Acoustic Guitar (Guitar, Banjo, Mandolin), Electric Guitar (Clean, Overdriven), Bass
  • Track type: Lyric - Full Length
  • Date added: 3/31/2011
  • Lyric themes: Breaking Up Saying Goodbye, Broken-Hearted, Unrequited Love, Fighting Arguing, Infidelity Cheating, Loneliness
  • Lyrics: A meteor flashing by Through the frozen midnight sky Changing everything and nothing At the same time I would happily wish on that star If I knew what to wish for One foot in front of the next Waiting for more (chorus) Searching for reasons not to love you Like I do Wasn’t asking for all your tomorrows Just wanted some of today I thought you were beside me I turned to you and you turned away We drift in degrees too small to detect Before long nothing but distance left With all of the words that would matter unsaid (chorus) Didn’t want to wish for something different from you Like I do Do the candle flames remember How we tangled up together Did it look like we’d see it through Don’t want to only see What this could be Don’t want to make excuses for you Like I do Maybe someday I won’t have to try to not imagine that’s you walking by Maybe someday I won’t pretend this is for the best and then wonder why (chorus) I wish I didn’t have to say goodbye to you Like I do…
  • Keywords: sad, simple, Bass, Guitar, Heartbreak, Organic
  • Ending type: End Sustain

About Lara Herscovitch

Lara Herscovitch

Durham, CT United States

Lara Herscovitch is “captivating” (Smother.net). “A remarkable performer” (WSHU Profiles in Folk), “one hell of a find” (New Haven Advocate). A unique and engaging singer-songwriter, Lara’s music is an original blend of contemporary acoustic/folk with pop, Latin, jazz, and blues influences. “Delicious” (Indie-Music.com), smart, poetic and witty, Lara “masterfully” (Womenfolk.net) merges soulful melodies with “perfect wordcrafting” (New Haven Advocate) and “keen intelligence” (The Chronicle). She is “inspiring” (Manchester VT Journal), “fresh and invigorating” (Music Morsels), ...

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