• Artist: Tony Ca$h
  • Title: Break Bread
  • Genre: Hip Hop - Gangsta/Hardcore
  • Mood: Aggressive/Edgy, Laid Back/Groovy
  • Speed: Medium (78-95)
  • Instruments: Electronic Sounds/Noises, Textures/pads, Percussion, Loops/Samples
  • Track type: Lyric - Full Length
  • Date added: 10/6/2011
  • Lyric themes: Partying, Being High Stoned, Bragging Status, Alcohol
  • Lyric hook: We in the club throwing money like, what up whatever, smoking, getting drunk what up whatever, I see your little girlfriend, what up whatever, what you wanna lock horns? what up whatever
  • Lyrics: Music Intro: Chorus: I got to make money, Break Bread, Take money make moves, Make sure the cash flows - Like it do {repeat 2x} Verse One: Tony Cash I gotta keep movin' now money I speak fluent, It ain't no other language I'd rather be pursuin' If it ain't about the dollaz I'll jss holler at you later I aint' - tryin' to kick it I'm jss followin da papa, plus I neva play da background, so don't try to act out T.Cash, if we clash - You ain't about to back out! Breakin heads, takin names Fuckin' you up wit nuttin' to gain paid my dues I'm stuck in da game Ain't nuttin' gonna change, Ain't nuttin' gonna change Tryin to kick this lower class Keep a steady flow of cash It ain't no goin' broke no more cauze Tone jss ain't gone go for that keep my pockets ova stacked, it ain't gone be no holdin' back I can't let up I won't break down I'm way to fuckin grown fo dat Ain't no sittin patient waitin in the same location Jss prayin' for some label to pick me up & jss be gracious Fuck that I'm a anxious, antagonistic prick, And shit ain't workin out for me if I ain't stackin up chips- Chorus: 1x Verse Two: Jugg I done seen Twenty Dollaz show da Trade Center burnin' Cheeze is a must dog I'm brave & determined I seen niggaz get murked, fa - fifteen-hundred dollaz To me that's Hawaii, or a trip to da Bahamas The money more important than sleep we at war wit a beast, but who gives a fuck as long as we eat It's a hundred differences between da strong and da weak And I can have about three-hundred bricks gone in a week I'm jss drunk thinkin about, from all da blunts tweakin' out The streets got me freakin out, speak what chu about - Ok - Okay, Ok - Put the piece up in ya mouth For not havin' da right amount, wired to my bank account. I make money, break bread, stay hungary, shake Feds, Preyin' on deez baseheads - Bitch where da safe at - lay you out where you pray at- I don't give a fuck if it's outta town where you stay at! Chorus: 2x Verse Three: Complex Yo I neva got a school Scholar, didn't wanna do college Loved clubs, pubs, and parlors, goin after young daughters Ova 21 come holla, love me for my love fa dollaz Every thirty seconds brain projectin ways to sell product Pocket all da profits, plottin' plans to make it come quicka Double up, re-up & flip it, fuckin wit no funny buidness Steady 9-5, work a hustle on da side Incognito on da D-lo, be da stilo when I grind- Self discipline, persistant wit, prevent myself from slippin' Work ethic be equivalent to a poor foreign immigrant Addicted to da Benjamin's, they stripped me of my innocence Eva since I was a teen, I was doin' break & enterin's shakin' dice & gamblin, breakin' dimes & baggin' em Anything I could to gain my saddle up and straddle in No chit-chat, no babblin', my actions do the dazzlin' When you see me in dat 740 Beamer wit da Plasma Lens Sittin' in da back seat, sexin' wit a bad freak Spread up on my lap, easin' my dick between her ass checks Indeed I'm that indecent I ain't tryin to be discrete I act a clown wit my papa, I worked hard to get my cheese- Chorus: 2x
  • Keywords: punching, rap, punchy

About Tony Ca$h

Tony Ca$h

Warren, MI United States


Detroit producer Tony Ca$h is perceived as one of the top, up and coming underground rap personalities, with wit and charisma, Tony Ca$h breathes a fresh breath into the rap community. This seasoned producer delivers with intellect and masterful presence. Through his career he has continued to impressively evolve his skill over Mid-West charged beats and undeniable lyrical progression. Possessing these traits enable him to be the thorn in the side of rap culture today.

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