• Artist: Five An Eye Productions
  • Title: One More
  • Genre: Hip Hop - Gangsta/Hardcore
  • Mood: Laid Back/Groovy
  • Speed: Medium (78-95)
  • Instruments: Turntable/Scratching, Acoustic Piano, Loops/Samples, Keyboards/Organs
  • Track type: Lyric - Full Length
  • Date added: 7/20/2012
  • Lyric themes: Violence, Gang Related, Soul Searching, Frustration, Determination, Hope
  • Lyrics:   Dear God, I need your help, I need a way out, I’m tired of running the streets, I need to focus on this music and make it happen, Just give me one more chance at making it happen Verse 1: A slothful man don’t get nothing if he sits and waits That’s why I’m trying to eat everything that’s on my plate I didn’t change man, I just changed plans Readjusted some things in my game plan Opportunity Knocks, I’m a’ knock back If it knock a second time, it’s meant for me to have dat’ I write wit’ passion, verbal thrashin’ No I’m not the best that’s out there but thanks for asking You can save them crocodile tears for you and your homeboys You should have stayed home if you ain’t grown boy Maneuver my tactics front and backwards Reverse it circle around it then get at it One of the high ranked official children of the light Possessing the gift to see way beyond human sight I move in the shadows amongst the ether Cast iron breast plate to protect my features give me love My favorite sculpture is the physique of the atlas With the whole world balanced on his biceps This concept is too deep for you to sleep on it Here’s your interview with a tight beat on it It hurts worth more than you papa smurf You best believe I’m eligible to be one of the worse You won’t find many nicer than me on a verse Nevertheless I’m writing like I’m down to my last breath Give me one more chance Chorus: Come on baby, give me one more time, cause I wanna know cause I’m feeling so fine, come on baby, I need one more time, cause I wanna know cause I’m feeling so fine Verse 2: My mind from day one was I wanted a way out Make my moves be established and take care of myself Be smart and stay away from shit that’s bad for my health And not get caught up on the humble with some shit I didn’t know about The streets is sick in the city of B’More It’s real small, so it’s easy for you to die from a war Whether you selling guns, selling drugs, or either humpin’ your job You destined to get robbed or get beat by a mob What goes around, comes around that’s what my mom always said Young son don’t forget to kneel down and say prayers And when your friends turn their back and act just like they don’t care In the end you’ll see that GOD’s the only one that’s still there GOD forgive me for my sins, I didn’t know what I was doing High as shit running up in a nigga house in the morning Without a care in the world in front of his daddy and his mama One More cont’d Cause his people’s banked my main nigga I call my little brother And I show no remorse, I must uphold my reputation Constantly leaving niggas in a bent situation If a nigga try and test me then my clout will be shown I had a tight team plus a nigga carried his own Me and baby mama beefin’ so I’m gone for the weekend She catty and real bratty Always throwin’ shit at me I’m saying she cheating that’s the only reason we beefin’ I’m accusing her, look at all them nights when I be creepin’ Give me one more chance Chorus: Verse 4: Stop right there my nigga we supplying the heat Supplying the beef, supply the contracts for the streets Just give me a price I’ll send a henchman at ‘em tonight Don’t think that it can’t happen niggas tried to murder me twice In B’more city they’ll be more pity For those who sleep Wee hours of the night gunshots will wake you out your sleep Wee hours of the night I’m in the basement making beats Writing rhymes the only thing that keep me out the streets I pray to the Lord, need him close, need him for war, Psalms 23, walking thru the valley or gore Modern day Baltimore is like Sodom Gomorrah I know they dying in your city but my city bleeds more That’s why I write from the spirit when I’m passionately rapping If I’m trapped in the streets then I passionately clap ‘em Fold his arms across his chest and pray that he happy Kiss my victims on their foreheads ‘cause I’m naturally nasty Plus I pray on my sins ‘cause my sinning be constant Deep in meditation telling him I’m sick of my nonsense Take advantage of his grace because I know he’s forgiving True confessions Lord forgive me but I thank you for living Take this grind out my heart for grinding niggas apart Attitude worser than scrooge my holiday pump Ah wake him up chump, watch ’em holla yelling for one Chance Hoping I grant before I turn off his lamp Give me one more chance
  • Keywords: cool, rap
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