• Artist: Cary "CKP" Kanno
  • Title: Hot Soup
  • Genre: Funk, Rock - Alternative Pop, Pop - Alternative Pop
  • Mood: Laid Back/Groovy
  • Speed: Medium Fast (95-130)
  • Instruments: Real Drums/Drum Kit, Ethnic, Electric Guitar (Clean, Overdriven), Horns/Woodwinds/Brass, Bass
  • Track type: Lyric - Full Length
  • Date added: 10/5/2010
  • Lyric themes: Music/Art, Pleasure, Dancing, Happiness Joy
  • Lyrics: “Now what we’re gonna do is make Disco Stew We’re gonna make the funk but we need the glue” First thing we need is to go way down deep Gonna lay the tracks to build up an attack On top of that we need something fat we need it to grove Willis your move That sounds pretty good what we add now is a spice that should sweeten the pot and make it taste good horns blow like I knew you would Bass treble kick and hi hat Its my girl AT up to bat Bring it right back where it began My man back there with the plan Holdin it down with the chefs hat spraying the beat like rat-a-tat-tat That leaves me I’m CKP I can play guitar to a degree That’s my word and I bestow these are the sounds of Doko Benjo VERSE: Grotesque Mama I feel like you wanna hit me I feel up today Sometimes you cant help but feel the spirit lift you up until you sing this way CHORUS: I just wanna Dance until the blues bleed out in shades of green and grey You can’t stop me I’ll break the walls down Until my world is free BRIDGE: I know mama you like it fresh and hot I want all the soup that you’ve got I don’t care what kind you eat Cause you bring the heat It’s ideal and it’s real Hot soup in the 3rd degree VERSE: Cause when you’re stirring the soup and the drums start to loop You raise your fist it’s just hard to resist These are things you need to keep sane. When day to day life is such a drain You don’t need Approval To let it hang out Hot soup in the morning. Hot soup at night Hot soup in the daytime Hot soup alright CHORUS
  • Keywords: cool, funky, Bass, Brass, Guitar
  • Ending type: End Button

About Cary "CKP" Kanno

Cary Kanno Changes

Cary "CKP" Kanno is a musical journeyman and jack of all musical trades. Based out of Chicago IL, he formed and continues to play with locally successful bands the Abstract Giants (9 piece hip hop/ rock band), and Doko Benjo (8 piece rock/ funk band). In search of fresh creative outlet in 2009 he simultaneously released two solo full length albums simply called "Cary Kanno One" and "Cary Kanno Two". Reception to the records were ...

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