• Artist: David Adams Thompson
  • Title: Let It Slide
  • Genre: Folk
  • Mood: Up/Positive, Sentimental/Ballad
  • Speed: Medium Fast (95-130)
  • Instruments: Acoustic Guitar (Guitar, Banjo, Mandolin)
  • Track type: Stinger
  • Date added: 1/1/0001
  • Keywords: simple, acoustic, gentle, Bright, Hits, Organic
  • Ending type: End Sustain
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  • Country of broadcast:
  • Artist: David Adams Thompson
  • Reporting title: Pump Audio 43815
  • Publishers: -
  • Writers: -

About David Adams Thompson

David Adams Thompson

Bozeman, MT United States

Genres: Folk, Classic, Bluegrass
David Adams Thompson

David Thompson, the songwriter and ‘man behind the curtain’ of Woody Overtones Music, lives in lovely Bozeman, Montana, where he does a bunch of things. Those things include—or have included—being a fly fishing guide and instructor, a published outdoor photographer, a writer for some mid-national-level magazines, and currently runs a marketing agency called Brickhouse Creative. Also, he travels and performs with Kane’s River, the Fishing Music Band, and the Growling Old Men trio on occasion, ...

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