• Artist: Patricia Reynolds
  • Genre: Country - Contemporary/Pop
  • Mood: Up/Positive, Laid Back/Groovy
  • Speed: Medium Fast (95-130)
  • Instruments: Acoustic Piano, Real Drums/Drum Kit, Acoustic Guitar (Guitar, Banjo, Mandolin), Electric Guitar (Clean, Overdriven), Bass, Keyboards/Organs
  • Track type: Lyric - Full Length
  • Date added: 10/6/2011
  • Lyric themes: Obsession, Missing a Loved One, Determination, Longing, Reconciliation 2nd Chances
  • Lyric hook: Believe me, I'm missing you, I'm wanting you, I'm needing you, baby
  • Lyrics: BELIEVE ME, I'M MISSING YOU VERSE 1 You were such a sweet thing. You showed me understanding. You said, “Baby, go and be a star.” When the road got lonely, I thought about you only. I saw your face in every smoky bar. CHORUS Believe me. I’m-a-wanting you, honey, I’m a bee acting funky in a honeycomb. Believe me. I’m-a-needing you, baby, I’m a horse going crazy in a traffic zone. I’ve been hoping that you’ll see me again. Knock, Knock, Knock, won’t you let me in? Believe me. I’m missing you. VERSE 2 Come a little closer. It’s chilly on your sofa. What are you thinking in that pretty head? Do you think that I’ll be drifting when a wild wind starts kicking? My pillow’s staying on your brass bed. CHORUS 2 Believe me. I’m-a-wanting you, sweetie, I’m a cat looking needy on a summer night. Believe me. I’m-a-needing you darling, I’m a dog slip-sliding on a patch of ice. I drove from Georgia up to Tennessee, hoping all the way that you’d be free. Believe me. I’m missing you. Bridge: I want to kiss you at the break of day. I’ll serve you breakfast on a silver tray. I was a fool to ever go away from you. Shift key up-CHORUS 2; TAGS: Believe me, I’m missing you. (X2-Got to get your loving back.) Believe me, I’m missing you. Patricia Reynolds
  • Keywords: cheerful, Bass, Bright, Guitar, Nashville

About Patricia Reynolds

Patricia Reynolds

Storrs, CT United States

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