• Artist: Rick Ross
  • Title: Mobile-Texas Line
  • Genre: Blues - Acoustic
  • Mood: Laid Back/Groovy
  • Speed: Medium Fast (95-130)
  • Instruments: Acoustic Guitar (Guitar, Banjo, Mandolin), All Other, Bass
  • Track type: Stinger
  • Date added: 1/1/0001
  • Keywords: acoustic, Bass, Bluesy, Hits
  • Ending type: End Sustain
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  • Country of broadcast:
  • Artist: Rick Ross
  • Reporting title: Pump Audio 42614
  • Publishers: -
  • Writers: -

About Rick Ross

Rick Ross

Sweet Home, OR United States

Rick Ross has absorbed guitar styles ranging from finger-picked country blues (including bottle-neck or slide guitar) such as practiced by the young Tom Rush, to bluegrass
flat-picking as practiced by players such as John Herald and Norman Blake. He still performs many traditional and jazz-era tunes, as well as originals, and has adapted much of his repertoire to the unique sound of the 12-string guitar.
His eclectic repertoire, although centered around the blues,
ranges through country, bluegrass, and ...

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