• Artist: Ethienne
  • Title: 4 A.M.
  • Genre: Rock - Indie Rock, Rock - Alternative Pop, Pop - Alternative Pop
  • Mood: Down/Dark/Melancholic, Sentimental/Ballad
  • Speed: Mixed
  • Instruments: Acoustic Piano, Textures/pads, Real Drums/Drum Kit, Electric Guitar (Clean, Overdriven), Bass
  • Track type: Lyric - Full Length
  • Date added: 4/19/2012
  • Lyric themes: Soul Searching, Sadness Depression, Despair Misery, Alcohol, Pollution
  • Lyrics: Waking up from short dreams of vacation. I won't drink again. All alone with only trucks and pollution. But my future is in my bag. Keep sleeping city and let this people breathe on. No, I'll never come back again. If you want to find me please start elsewhere. And every pain will have its cure, and every pain. What we'll see. Is something that here we can't reach. The occasion to feel a new joy. If only we can find the right word. Morning dawn. It's always like I've been told. Counting the minutes to go. And dividing this into. The old and the new world. And every pain will have its cure. every pain will have its cure.
  • Keywords: Bass, Guitar, Lo-Fi
  • Restrictions: May not be used in, or in the promotion of: Pornography

About Ethienne


paia, HI USA

For Fans Of: Muse, Cari Clara, Coldplay, The Cure, Cari Clara, Radiohead

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