• Artist: Franks Atom
  • Title: Dynamite
  • Genre: Rock - Alternative Pop, Pop - Alternative Pop
  • Mood: Dramatic
  • Speed: Medium (78-95)
  • Instruments: Electronic Sounds/Noises, Textures/pads, Electric Guitar (Clean, Overdriven), Loops/Samples, Bass
  • Track type: Lyric - Full Length
  • Date added: 1/1/0001
  • Lyric themes: Self-Empowerment, Struggle Hardship, Determination
  • Lyric hook: she know knows that fate has to give, it's alright if you keep your head on the ground
  • Lyrics: He's a young man looking over his shoulder He's an old man looking under asunder and smashed There's a young girl Never older inspite of her new child Picking over the bones and the trash Cos she knows that fate has to kill But you're alright if you keep your head underground Too good to be true Kicking me back down It's a crime. Easy. It's a crime so deep inside that I run to hide It's a breeze when you please me By pretending easy is dynamite
  • Keywords: Bass, Guitar
  • Ending type: End Button

About Franks Atom

Franks Atom

Tunbridge Wells, Kent United Kingdom

Franks Atom were formed in 2002 and released "Games People Play" in 2004. Their music is an eclectic mix of light and shade in the form of experimental rock and electronica, drawing on such influences as Pink Floyd, Nirvana, Eels, Doves and Goldfrapp. They are currently working on their second CD.

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