Laramie, WY United States

kosmos at RockNRunway
Genres:Pop Rock, Pop - Adult Contemporary, Rock - Pop Rock
Bio: Kosmøs is brothers Ben & Tim Tonak, accompanied by a rotating cast of friends. The pop accessibility of the band's music belies an attitude and delivery that is all rock. With each release kosmøs' songs have grown ever more upbeat while maintaining the smart, well-crafted lyrics that have rewarded attentive listeners since the band's beginnings nearly 10 years ago.

With an unpretentious and professional demeanor that echoes their blue-collar Wyoming upbringing, the Tonak brothers' music transposes a layer of metropolitan complexity on top of the simple tastes of the western bar rooms where they first performed. Listen long enough, and it's apparent that kosmøs has maintained its longevity by having something for everyone, from the luddite classic rock fan to the cork-sniffing indie snob. Some might call it middle of the road, but kosmøs unapologetically calls it rock with staying power.
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