Klover Jane

Lynnwood, WA United States

Klover Jane
Bio: KLOVER JANE grabs you by the shirt and roars into your soul. They’re an adrenaline-blast of pure Rock-N-Roll; with mouth watering guitar riff’s, a bone-invading rhythm and the lyrical juice of unapologetic truth from the smooth wail of front man Rane Stone.

Listening to KLOVER JANE is like listening to the “love child of Axl Rose and Andrew Wood,” says an awestruck CJ Plain of TapDetroit, who hears in them a “passion, fury and style, that’s long been missing from music.”

Even the hard to break Seattle Music Scene is forecasting national attention for their beloved KLOVER JANE.

“A great voice that can handle almost any type of music is rare, but when you couple that with the ability to write great songs, you begin to understand why Rane Stone [Klover Jane’s front man] is the most likely candidate to explode on the national scene,” King 5’s Evening Magazine’s “Best of Western Washington”

“In the distinct style of Soundgarden, Klover Jane’s wailing vocals and sludgy guitar demands you crank the volume up to 11.” Jeva Lange - Seattle Weekly

“Rane is an incredible musician. His voice is the greatest thing to come out of Seattle in a decade.” King 5’s Evening Magazine’s “Best of Western Washington”

KLOVER JANE attracted the attention of Dudley Taft, producer and former member of Seattle’s Sweetwater and Second Coming. Jeff Noble, the bands brilliant lead guitarist and gifted songwriter “breathes music” – and it hooked Dudley. “It sets you apart,” Dudley said, “you’re writing songs; most bands out there are just throwing cords together.”

Dudley produced KLOVER JANE’s first two EP’s; “Rock-N-Rolla” and “Tattoo Kandy”. Since their debut EP in 2011, demand for KLOVER JANE has garnered them kickin opportunities like opening for Puddle of Mudd and sharing the stage with other high profile Seattle bands like Windowpane and Witchburn, both of whom are home from recent national tours.

KLOVER JANE pulled the spotlight again by landing #1 in the “Northwest Throwdown” – beating out 26 hot Seattle bands in the competition. KLOVER JANE’s skyrocketing fan base voted them in the top 5 of ‘Best of Western Washington’ Bands 2 years in a row. Snoqualmie Casino showcased KLOVER JANE, along with the others in the top 5 of Western Washington’s Best, at a rock and roll concert and competition, and KLOVER JANE’s popularity is soaring.

Already this year they’ve played Seattle’s HardRock Cafe FIVE times – consistently pulling a large crowd – everyone within earshot sticks around for the show. Regionally, they play shows with other up and coming bands such as; Jason Kertson, Black Diamond and Superfeckta.

The amazingly talented, Jason Kertson, of Jason Kertson and the Immortals, (Jason’s mentored by Dave Mustaine of Mettalica), loves KLOVER JANE. Last December, fans heard Jason stand in for lead guitarist JT Phillips, while he was out galavanting in Spain. Jason was called again for a show in June at El Corazon in Seattle, this time taking the role of Jeff Noble.

In May, KLOVER JANE closed down the Afraid of Figs CD release party at The Crocodile, Seattle’s famous and beloved live music venue, where bands like; Nirvana, Pearl Jam, Mudhoney, earned their way To The Top entertaining the locals.

KLOVER JANE is – Rane Stone: Vocals/Lyricist, Jeff Noble: Lead guitar/Songwriter, JT Phillips: Lead guitar, Jay Clark: Bassist and Dean Noble: Drums.

And like their screaming lyrics declare, KLOVER JANE is “Going To The Top”.

Check out http://www.reverbnation.com/kloverjane for live shows and tour dates and get your favorite KLOVER JANE merchandise at your next LIVE show - and have it signed by the band after they play – OR, buy CD’s, T-shirts and Hoodies, online today.

Can’t wait to hear them LIVE? Download KLOVER JANE’s music online now at http://www.kloverjane.com!
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