Bergheim, Salzburg Austria

Genres:New Age, Alternative Pop, Rock - Alternative Pop , World - Other, World - Native American
Bio: book "The Magic of Tone and the Art of Music". It is the experiment of making spontaneous music by finding a way back to the roots of music and the magic and creative potential of sound. It..s more a live project on basis of music as interaction with people and the special moment in time which can never be reproduced again. So what you can listen to on this site are older projects of my musical career and coproductions with other people. If you really want to be part of a sacromagical concert however, you have to watch out for the next event. As I'm also working as an audio engineer, you will be able to see new recordings appearing on this site. These will represent my efforts to catch a musical event with the aim to conserve it, which stands in contradiction to the sacromagical idea, but is simply one of my great passions. ..
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