Voice box

Chicago, IL United States

Bio: Voice box has been gigging and showcasing Chicago and its fringes, for a decade, with a revolving door of players. The core of Bruce Fournier and J.D. Kostyk penned the songs, and intact, both words and music, the craft of the song writing and arranging are a priority on display.

At the Speed of Ten Machines is the third, full length disc by Voice box. From the opening strains of Whir of the City to the anthemic Carib-shimmer of The Missing Peace, Voice box accentuates its eclectic,musical vision with a detailed ear. Listeners have cited, Bowie, Zappa, Eno, the groove of T-REX, Yes, Radio and Talking Heads, the explosions of Pink Floyd and King Crimson, Blues for Allah period Grateful Dead, White Album Beatles, Peter Gabriel and Genesis, The Neville Brothers, Be Bop Deluxe and Rush.

The twelve tracks resonate from the influential palette of the Rock Mantra. There are no love songs on Ten Machines. Let others do the easy work.
Each track is a snapshot, an unmade film, aurally visual, accessible to the listeners imagination. Guitars and horns wail over jerking rhythm sections and samples traverse foreign landscapes, urging you to sing along. The camera sees hope, decadence, and skewed optimism in the face of oblivion. “You’ve got a negative view and you watch the Clock. Why don’t you lighten up, and love, and rock.”

And so you “hit the gas,” driving on with Voice box, At the Speed of Ten Machines.

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