London, London United Kingdom

Bio: ANGELI was born from the pure love of Folk. Fleetwood Mac, Carole King, James Taylor and Paul Simon are just a few of the names that helped to influence the album titled “7 Billion”. It all began when Italian Singer/Songwriter; Maria Angeli and U.K. Guitarist/Composer; Bruce Lister, met while working on a project in London in 2005. They both found their different musical background and contrasting sounds to complement each other and decided to begin a collaboration. In the meantime, chance meetings with talented musician’s such as; Funk Bass player Dennis Davis, “Divine Comedy’s” Drummer Miggy Barradas, Pianist/Composer Mark Cherrie, were the key ingredients that brought the album to life. In August of 2010 Maria Angeli was finally able to take the project to the studio for recording, This was Maria Angeli’s first solo production, and was was closely assisted by Britannia Row Studio’s engineer John Cox, who helped record, edit and mixdown the whole project. The final parts were played by the all female string quartet made up by: Liz Cooney and Lizzie Ball on Violin, Mariam Ruetschi on Viola and Gabriella Swallow on Cello, while Rupert Cobb’s quirky trumpet touches gave shape to a couple of the more uptempo songs . “7 Billion” is reminiscent of the old Troubadour songwriter days, it has a contemporary feel and an old organic sound that stay true from beginning to end, gently enveloping you with mellow tones and strong melodies.
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